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Posted by Seamus on August 29, 2000 at 19:54:23:

Aug ye 30th, 1758
Camp near Reastown

Cpl. Malcolm MacWilliam
Pvt. Davey Gunn
77th Highlanders, Montgomery’s,
Grenadier Comp’y

Cousins Malcolm and Davey,

I am sending this dispatch with the Colonel’s aide with instructions to see that it gets to you this night.

Flags, Tales, and I are encamped within 3 miles of Reastown, and are hoping to reunite with you on the morrow, perhaps in the late forenoon, as we plan to be up and away from this place early. Our exact arrival time will be dependent upon how many sentries we can get past and how clogged the road is with the machines and devices of war, including men and beasts. Since we are traveling very light, we stand out, and have often been asked to lend a hand with a stubborn load of some type or another. In fact, we just finished helping to offload a wagonload of flour barrels and onload them to another wagon, since the former suffered a broken axle when it was driven into a ditch by an inexperienced teamster. I tell you, this army will accept just about anyone these days in order to get the job done. This green teamster will certainly be a veteran when this is over!

Flags and Tales have been filling me with stories of their frolicking the last few weeks. It seems that the lovely Magdalena G. has smitten poor old Flags hard, Cousins! He sits and pines like a young buck when his first rut is over! And Tales! My lands! He just came away from TwoBottle and the way he whines and carries on, one would think he hasn’t been with her in a year. I am sure that when all this unrest is finally settled, these boys are going to become civilized, and we will never see them again, except to be herding all their children around the town! To hear them talk, one would almost believe they’d rather have stayed cooped up rather than be here where they should be. My goodness....!

Cousins! This is Flags.....

HE should talk! You ought to hear him carry on about Nancy! He has no room to talk about us--HE is the one who has been talking about how he missed her so much while he was on Lake George with Rogers, and how he will be settling down and how he wants to have kids, and how he is ready to build a nice log house near his cabin for her ( and them!), how this and how that...all day! Oh, yes...and all night, too! You should hear this lad talk in his sleep....heeheehee! Now that is priceless...lots of blackmail stuff there! By the way..speaking of that...guess who we saw at Shippen’s. Wallowing Cow! And she still has the hots for our boy, Seamus...and we darn near let her have him! If he keeps this up, we might just hogtie his scurvy carcass and send him gift-wrapped to her! Wouldn’t that settle his hash?? Ol’ WC would set him straight, no doubt about that.....and I’d like to see him wiggle off Nancy’s hook on that issue..heh heh!

I finally got my pencil away from him.....he was laughing so hard he dropped it and I dove on it and grabbed it up. Now let’s see...where was I...? Oh, yes, I was about to say...

Well Cousins, enough of that stuff. The Colonel’s aide is ready to return now and he is waiting for this. We will be seeing you forthwith, and I, for one, will be very glad to see you both again. It has, indeed, been way too long...and we have many adventures to tell you about.

Until tomorrow! Post a note for us on the east wall of the stockade so we may easily find you!

Pax Aye!

Many Flags
Three Tales

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