Re: Intellectual gatherin' gone WAY haywire... Thanks for being so considerate

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Posted by Vita on August 30, 2000 at 21:48:31:

In Reply to: Re: Intellectual gatherin' gone WAY haywire... posted by Red-Haired Lass on August 30, 2000 at 21:38:45:

: : :
: : : Well, now, we knew it couldn't last. Here, after three weeks of thrillin' and spiritually stimulatin' intellectual gatherins' on Tuesdays, Mrs. O'Reilly and I were all ready fer an evenin' what required us to use at least part of our brains while slingin' yer cider...I'd even spent the past three nights debatin' the writins' of St. Thomas Aquinas with the Rev. Wheelock and the Huron Delivery Boy in preparation. But what did we find upon openin' the doors this evenin??? why, it's back to pure hoohaaa ye all have gone. At least a dozen Mohicanland women are gathered around the bar as I speak, sluggin' corn squeezins' and Jamesons' and babblin' about loincloths. And we won't even discuss what I saw goin' on back in the billiards room, although Eclair SWORE she was just teachin' one of those wanderin' cherokee trappers some yoga positions. I don't suppose the good Doc M would be wantin' to discuss Buddhism with this lass or anything...well, I guess I'll just shelve the textbooks for now and haul the shoulders of my Wench blouse down a little lower and go back to the old ways at least fer now. I am mighty pleased with the new garments I've gotten from the Highland Habiliment, who's next in line for corn squeezins???
: : : Why, yonder comes that nice Hawkeye...wonder if HE wants to talk about St. Thomas Aquinas' theory of the celestial foot rub...

: : : yours, Red

: :
: : Hi ya, Red!
: : Yeah, tonight I am all traumatized about our cannibal friends who dine on squirrels...
: : one friend, whom I hold in high esteem, just pigeonmailed me and explained that the squirrels taste as good as rabbit...
: : yeah, like I like eating rabbits! they too are potchie-poohs, how can I eat itsy bitsy bunnies????
: : yeah...I am going to bed and hide my head beneath the pillows, and pretend I live on cloud 9 where all the bunnies and squirrels and my Tiger The Mighty Hunter and racoons... and of course myself and my hubby and all yous LOTMers and my dearly respected cannibal friend, are all dancing in love light and laughter....

: : Vita aka she who dreams

: Uh-oh, it seems the Town Crier is nae happy with the huntin' and eatin' of a certain forest rodent. Well, then, Mrs. O'Reilly, take that dish of squirrel fritters on over to the HooHaaaa House adn see if they'd like to be eatin' it there. I'll rustle up some cheese sticks an'potato skins. Don't want to be frazzlin' the customers...

Oh my dear Miss Red-haired Lassie,
Now it was my turn to almost shatter my monitor via a most salubrious burst of laughter!
Cheese sticks and potatoe skins... peaceful enough food, right?
Though, strangely, I mean for a person who is squeemish about devouring cute rodents, I do like steaks... and shisk kebabs... and ... and ....
and I do like fried catfish, and hey, I looooooove salmon! And I mean, this is quite cannibalistic of me, right? Poor wee salmon, the lengths he/she goes to reach the spawning grounds... all this leaping in the sunlight... splashing and almost laughing as they reach out to the clear blue sky while they breach so many obstacles during their swim upstream...
and here I am, enjoying smoked salmon on bagel with cream cheese and slices of red Bermuda onion.
Yikes! Vita the Hypocrite!!!

She Who Is Ashamed....

PS: OK, pass on the fried potato peels...

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