Re: Of red and gray pootchie-boo squirrels

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Posted by Vita on August 31, 2000 at 08:56:13:

In Reply to: Re: What's the joke about loincloths? You guys huntin' dem cutesy squirrrels? posted by NightSky on August 31, 2000 at 08:25:34:

: : : : : : Jeri....

: : : : : : Yes, even in winter I wear the clout, with two pair of hose, two pair of moccassins, my leggins, two long shirts, a waistcoat, my 60th Royal American coat, scarf (around the neck and ears) and tricorn....Yep, dead of winter, 3 feet of snow or more, hunting, etc. and I'm toasty warm. I live in Penn's Woods (remember, the MacWilliam Chronicles?, they're still begin posted from here) and I've had snow drifts tickling my cheeks, if the long shirts ride up a bit!! If one is sitting while deer or squirrel hunting (flintlock, of course), it is best not to face into the wind, cause even though there is a bit more protection with a clout than a kilt, the wind between the legs can get quite cold!! Seamus and I hunted squirrel in late January at his cabin last winter, and we spent the night in his cabin...hunted all day in clouts and what I described above, about a foot of snow on the ground. We will hunt again this year, same way....the only way!!

: : : : : : Pax Aye!

: : : : : : Many Flags
: : : : : _____________________________________________________

: : : : : Your right Many Flags. I`ve been wearin a breechclout for pert near 15 years now and I wouldn`t do it any other way, even in the winter. Mine is of thin red wool and is about 5 feet long and about 11 inches wide. I have a fancier one of black wool trimmed with white satin ribbons and trade silver for dressin up. I wore it that Sunday night at G2K for the raffle.
: : : : : You just can`t beat um for running in the woods. (I do gotta figure out how to wear that clear plastic one I got as a gift at G2K)

: : : : : Clabert
: : : : : Now you guys didn`t think I could stay out of this discussion did ya?

: : : :
: : : : Clabert!!

: : : : Doncha know, Man??? That's your rain clout!

: : : : Seamus

: : : Ha! That's great, Seamus! Maybe if he wishes Diana S. a Happy Birthday, she'll get him an umbrella for it, too! Then you'll be stylin' for sure, Clabert.

: : : Dana S.

: : To our Bad bad bad Boys!
: : You hunt the sweet squirrels?
: : Wow! You can not come visit me, you know that????? I got all these pet squirrels here, and even my Tiger, the Mighty Hunter car, gave up on them, he lets let have their run of the property.... they chase each other up and down the trees... talk all the time... my, they are such chatterboxes!!!


: ~~~~~~~~
: TC: I think they're probably hunting country squirrels, not city squirrels. Around here we have red squirrels. The first time I ever saw one I thought it was a fox. Thoses little gray city guys wouldn't stand a chance against these big red guys. Penn must have some version of our red squirrel, which is bound to have more meat on it than those gray city hors devors you're used to. NS

Hello NS!
Yup, one of our hunters notified me that them wild ones taste like rabbits/// meaning the hunter eats wee bunnies, too!
Well, the squirrels on my property are grayish brown, because I am out in almost-wilderness. These fellows have lived here for geerations, I am merely their care taker, and as I've said, lately, my Mighty Hunter Tiger, who cut his teeth on hunting and laying them at my doorstep in the morning as a present to his Mommy, began to leave them alone.
These are quite bright animals, they really talk, frolick, and play with each other. There is a couple, one of the younger ones, who must really be in love with each other, God you should see their antics!!!!
I know life is what it is, and I've said before I love salmon, steaks... lamb ....gyro form, done the real Turkish way... which means I eat those little babies frolicking on the green pastures. Though I eat far far less meat than I used to. For example, chickens too, are bright animals who know loyalty and affection. I raised many of them, some of them right from the minute they pecked their way into life through the eggshell, and when myt parents and I had dinner, our little babies would be on the table (I mean not all of them, only those few who for one reason or another did not have a Mama), itsy bitsy fur balls scurrying from one plate to the other, looking at the food with teensy heads cocked aside... one of them, Uzun Omer (Long aka Tall Omar) loved to crawl into Papa's sleeves, or fly up on his shoulder and then up to his half-moon bald, gleaming pate...
Here I put the url, visit them and admire Papa's gleaming half moon top of the world....
They were good people. I miss them. Sigh.

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