Re: Of red and gray pootchie-boo squirrels - chipmunks: now I know what to watch ou for

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Posted by Vita on August 31, 2000 at 20:15:57:

In Reply to: Re: Of red and gray pootchie-boo squirrels - chipmunks posted by NightSky on August 31, 2000 at 20:05:22:

: : : : : Hi, Many Flags,

: : : : : I refuse to get drawn into a discussion on hunting, per se, (don't want to draw blood on the Board...*smile*) but I'm interested in the red fox squirrels you mention. Down here, our fox squirrels are usually silver or gray with black masks & feet. They are the Sherman's fox squirrel, and probably a subspecies of the northern ones, I'm guessing. They are HUGE! The tail alone is longer than our gray squirrels (which, BTW, Vita, is what you have). I LOVE these guys! They are FAST disappearing, though. Very graceful, but slow moving, with a bit of a lope instead of the scurrying that grays have. Development is eating up all their habitat, and I haven't seen one in years. *sigh*

: : : : : She-Who-Misses-A-LOT-of-the-Critters!

: : : : Hi MMMMm!
: : : : yeah, then I am doubly glad that my Tiger, aka Mighty Hunter, stopped hunting them... they really ARE intelligent. Our property is in an almost pristine state, 6 acres with only one acre cleared in the front and back, and up until last year or so, I could even rejoice at an occasional visit by a deer, or sometimes two. 2 or 3 weeks ago, I saw the silver fox, and I suspect it's the same one I saw 6 months ago, and then a year ago (his tail is funny, half cut off or bitten off) which is what distinguishes him/her).
: : : : I don't feed the squirrels as there is plenty of stuff lying around, but I do change the birdie bath twice a day, for the blue jay, cardinal, squirrels and of course my TigerKittyBird loves to take their bath there....
: : : : Perhaps Next Year at the Gathering, we shall meet!

: : : : TC

: : : I'm glad to see other folks love squirrels. At our house here in Columbia (I currently live with my dad), we kept the front yard natural expressly so we could have our 30 or so trees and the abundant number of squirrels, birds and bunnies that we enjoy. We have the ubiquitous grey squirrels and a few chipmunks. When I lived in New York we had black squirrels on my college campus (I went to a rather bohemian school where the joke was "At Sarah Lawrence even the squirrels wear black...) and I wonder what kind these were...????? Not quite as large as the grey ones...
: : : Anyway,I could never imagine eating squirrels or bunnies and I've never even tried venison,although I don't have problems with people hunting these creatures if they legitimately use them for food.Considering my overwhelming love for animals, I should be a complete vegetarian, but everytime I try I end up at somebody's house and they're cooking a steak and oh well...
: : : She-Whos-Tryin-To-Be-Veggie

: :
: : hi Miss Trying to Be Veggie!
: : Yup, here comes a confession: probably there are some chipmunks here too... and I am not schooled enough to distinguish between a chimunnk and a squirrel!!!!
: : shame shame shame on me.
: : OK, am gonna look at the encyclopedia. Just as soon as I get over my Magua Mania.
: : I mean hey, I don't like him... the Magua of the Movie... I just looooooooove this guy in this painting!!!!!!!

: : She who Does not know a chipmunk from a squirrel

: ~~~~~~~~~
: Vita: Come over for a visit, the chipmunks in our back yard will come up and introduce themselves. They only moved in this summer, and they already seem to number in the 100's. We thought our big black snake and his baby brother would take care of them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. You can always tell the little buggers because they have a short tail, and the stripes down their back. They can be very demanding if you eat outside and don't share. NightSky

Hi NS!
HGotcha, short tail and stripe down the back. Hmm. I can't tell I saw them nearby... those who play so cheekily have long tails and no stripes. But surely we have chipmunks... does not make sense not to have them, as the property is in pristine shape... I just have to get my glasses to recognize them, the chippi-munkies must be shyer than the squirrels...

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