On of Our Own is Killed....and Major Grant Moves Forward to Duquesne

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Posted by Corporal Malcolm A. MacWilliam, 77th Grenadiers on September 10, 2000 at 13:39:30:

10th Sept 1758
Camp at Loyalhanna

Journal Entry:

A sad church service was held today in remembrance of one of our own. Pvt. Christofer Frazier was murdered two days ago by a band of Indians. He had been out hunting with two of the Virginia provincials when they were attacked by nine savages. Frazier held his ground and called to his companions to defend and stand to. But the provincials threw down their weapons running back akilter to the camp, calling for help. When upon our bold lads grabbed muskets and raced to the spot, but, alas, Frazier had been killed and scalped, although he had dispersed with five of the savages before he had fallen. Such a braw lad he was. The Colonel showed up directly and had the two cowardly provincials arrested and put in irons. Bouquet is much distressed that his once good thoughts on these colonials have turned sour.

Upon Frazier's murder, Major Grant appealed to Col. Bouquet to take a detachment of men, several hundred, to reconnoiter the area around the French fort Duquesne. Bouquet had held this request off for several days, but soon after Frazier's death, a Catawba scout entered the camp with a message from our cousins Seamus, Tales and Flags. They have found sign that the savages are at low strength and the French are possbily pulling back into the area of the Three Rivers. Supplies for the French and their allies are at an all time low. Our cousins asked that our forces move up quickly to make quick work and an end of the French during this ebb in their strength.

This report gave credance to Major Grant's request to check the boldness and strength of the savages and upon a conference with other officers, Grant was given leave to assemble several hundred men,among them Royal Americans, provincials from Virginia, Carolina, MaryLand, and this colony of Pennsylvania, and some of our own Highland Regiment. However, Col. Bouquet ordered that our Grenadier Company not be battalioned with Major Grant. Rumour is that he believes we will be needed here at this camp, that he believes there is some evil afoot, and is cautious, not wanting to have his Grenadiers possibly killed or taken in action.

So, we await news now of Major Grant and his expedition. He is to be back by the end of this week with news of the French at Duquesne, their strength, and a decision will be made when to attack the Fort. We pray that our cousins will accompany him back, their company is sorely missed.

Other talk at this time encompasses the naming of this fort that is being built on the heights overlooking our Highland camp. Entrenchments are finished and two storehouses have been built. A line of fortifications has been drawn and the stockade to surround the storehouses is to be started within a few days. We are of the opinion to name the fort after our beloved Colonel Bouquet, some have spoken of Fort Forbes, but the General's leadership has not been highly visible because of his illness, although we now understand that Gen. Forbes has arrived at Fort Loudoun with the remainder of our Highland forces led by our own Colonel Montgomery. We had this "fort naming" discussion with Capt. Croy and Col. Bouquet the other evening (over some excellent wine!) and the Colonel reminded us that forts are usually named after high ranking military or politicians, not Colonels. His recommendation was that it be named Fort Ligonier after Sir John Ligonier, commander of the British forces in North America. We agreed that the name does have a certain ring to it.

I must close this journal entry. Supplies are supposedly moving up to Reastown within a few days, Sir John St. Clair having made his point with the "honorable" Governor Denny. It seems that these provincials have more fear of their Highland brethern than they do their French enemies!

God Save the King! May St. Andrew protect Major Grant and our cousins, Seamus, Three Tales, and Many Flags!

Cpl. M.A. MacWm.

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