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Posted by NightSky on September 11, 2000 at 06:01:35:

In Reply to: Re: - Reviews ..... posted by The Publisher on September 10, 2000 at 18:05:05:

: : : Now, Marie does not need another writer's group to be criticized, since she has passed that hurdle; she WILL be published. As small as Rose Publishing is, we got many inquiries/submissions from other writers and had to reject them; in this case, these works were really good, but we just could not afford (due to financial and staff considerations) to commit ourselves to publishing them.In my opinion, and my credentials in this field are quite serious, Marie de Merle has solid talent. She just needs to find more physical time to work at it. Yes, support from her fellow LOTMers would have helped her morally. So far, this support has not come and I am indeed surprised. You got to understand that if each and every one on this board would buy a book of hers, neither Marie nor her Publisher would have made money, let alone be rich and famous. Be that as it may, I, and not Marie, looked for that emotional support. What was posted, was enough to have a good-natured discussion. Alas!
: : : So, while Eden's Winter will be published and promoted and distributed when it's written to completion, its subject matter on this board, is closed.

: : : The Publisher

: : Dear Publisher,
: : Please be fair to the group. You pushed very hard for people to comment on the book. Now you are unhappy with what they have said, and you cut off further discussion. I don't think Marie's talent as a writer is in question. Although I think it is fine to have open discussions of books in this group, I think it is unfair to have a public discussion of a work in progress. If the author, or you as the publisher, wish comments on a work in progress, I think it should be done in private emails. If the author wishes to remain anonymous, the critiques (please don't use the word "criticisms!") could be sent to you or Elaine to be forwarded to the author. I wish I had thought of that route before posting publicly.
: : Just my opinion.
: : Chris

: Hi Chris!
: Before we close this discussion, thanks for your opinion. I am enthusiastic, and yes what you think as "pushing hard," did not enter my mind as 'pushing.'.
: Hey, we discuss all kinds of subjects here, we laugh, we moan and groan, and it would have been quite easy to have an amicable thread about this. Firstly, because the author is one of our own... for example, she could have been YOU, Chris, and second, because of its time period, is of interest to us, and lastly, some lighthearted comments such as: hey! wow! good luck! ... would have gone a long way.
: We have a dozen other books in our roster, and each and every one of them could have been food for thought and subject for a round of toast at Bumppo's.
: Why not?
: It's really very easy to be supportive, and it's fun, too.

: Regards,
: The Publisher


I started to write a long answer to this, but suffice it to say that silence can speak volumns. If the residents of Mohicanland don't respond, there's usually a pretty good reason.

As for literary discussions, this whole thing reminds me of Richard Braughtigan's novel, The Abortion: A Love Story. If you're not familiar, it revolves around a library that houses all those books that people write that never get published. People knock on the door late at night and leave a copy of their life's work. No one ever checks anything out, they just deposit new works. The point being, we all seem to have a book in us, so the fact that Marie is being published, even if it were the smallest of the small publishing companies, should be incredible encouragement.

Marie, whoever and where ever you are, remember that this is just one small audience, and most likely not your target audience. Although LOTM is being classified as historical romance here, I've always enjoyed it as action/adventure. One of the best things about the movie is that the action is immediate. The first time you see it, the initial thought is "why are they running?" But move on it does, with only the occasional nod to romance.

Sorry Gayle, but one of the best things about the book (LOTM) is that I'll never have to read it again. Cooper is just not my cup of tea.

Go for it, Marie. No matter how long, no matter how far....finish the thing, dammit. Then put it out there for the world. And don't think about a series of books until the first one is written. If you can just get the first one on the ground, you're lightyears ahead of the rest of us that just know we have the great American novel in us, if we only had time to sit down and write it. More than likely, if we do get it written, we'll be sneaking up to the door of Brautigan's library, late at night, to make our deposit.


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