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Posted by Adele on September 11, 2000 at 14:35:19:

In Reply to: Re: A Message to Vita regarding Eden's Winter posted by Vita on September 11, 2000 at 13:49:03:

: : Hi, Vita! I have been reading with interest the threads about this book, the author, her writing style, the category of the book, itself, and so forth. I am sorry you found us less than supportive of a fellow Mohicanlander, Vita, but I don't think this was anyone's intent. This is a pretty supportive group, after all. What I think happened...and this is just MY opinion, for what it's that many of us felt uncomfortable with the extremely LONG threads about the book, and the feeling that we WERE being pushed. I know you don't see it that way, as you are a very enthusiastic, outgoing personality, and that's great. We need lots of folks like that. But every time I tried to get on the board lately, there were just so many posts going on and on about the book, and some that even sounded like "scolding", that it put me off a bit. I'm guessing that others may have felt the same way...anyone want to comment on that?

: : At any rate, I don't think the reluctance has to do at all with Marie's talent, as much as it does the perception that the Board had taken on a completely different feel lately. It's been hard to talk about the movie or generate anything fun in Mohicanland, for whatever reason (those things go in cycles). This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, as we DO want to encourage each other to support our ventures, and I DO realize that Rose Publishing is connected to Mohicanland in the most obvious of ways. And I always try to be VERY supportive of MohicanPress when it comes to purchasing what we can through this site, and shopping the new Cafe & the Trading Post. But the difference seems to ME to be the difference between *suggesting* and *encouraging* ...and being knocked on the noggin with it.

: : Perhaps, in your very sincere enthusiasm to support this book, which you obviously love (so far) and the author, whom you believe in, you got just a MITE carried away? And that could have had the opposite effect from what you hoped for?

: : Please consider this? And, if I'm the only one who felt that way, then I apologize to all, but I just wanted to say that's kinda where I was coming from. It just made me so uncomfortable, I wanted to avoid the whole issue. Hope I haven't hurt anyone's feelings or stepped on any toes, as that was not my intent. Just trying to communicate a bit on what may have happened, here.

: : MMMMarcia

: Hi, MMMM
: Thanks for your post, I appreciate it.
: Getting back to E. W. It started out with fun and enthusiasm. and a bit of a disbelief on MY part (not the author, who was and is anonymous and did not really want to start any thread about this on the board). For me, it was disblief because in my happy-go-lucky approach to the board, I really expected fun and comforting threads. We do whip each other in fun ways, scold each other, claim to be at Bumppo's, etc, don't we? So what is the difference now? I mean you may be angered by my enthusiasm, but getting angry at me and the novel itself, are two different things, right?
: You dislike the WORK because The Publisher is too enthusiastic about The Work???? That is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!
: I too have books for sale, but I have almost never rang the TC's bell for them, have I? Yes, Elaine and Bea have mentioned them, especially the one titled The Horseman, but only because they liked the book. Also, I did offer Ride The Eagle (which is published) and later on, The Scorpion Child (not yet published) for free, as a bonus for donations to Ariel. But that was about all I did, mostly, re. my own books. I figured The Horseman is too exotic a novel, too different, and Ride The Eagle, although a contemporary hundred percent about present-day American life, newspapers and unions, and a strong female heroine versus an equally strong male heroine, might also be ... well, who knows.

: However, I do take a special pride in Eden's Winter. For sure, it is NOT my novel. It belongs to a talented author who has kept her light under a bushel all her life, and I take pleasure in seeing that light shines as brightly as possible. And since the author IS an LOTMer, I did expect fun, support, etc.
: Mea culpa.

: Vita


Hi Vita

No-one is saying that they are angry with you.....or that they dislike the work because the publisher is too enthusiasic about it. That is taking things WAY too far. Try not to be so disappointed about all of this - as Rich said, sometimes we ALL post things that we think will arouse huge amounts of enthusiasm, and they are just met with total silence and indifference. Thats just the way it goes sometimes. It isn't personal.

I can't speak for the others, but I can give you my own reasons for not responding. First, I didn't see your original post (had to go back and look for it, after you 'went on strike'!!). I haven't been around much really, apart from my daily HM post, as have been somewhat distracted by personal issues, so it took me a few days before I caught up with everything. And it took even longer before I could find the time to actually sit down and give EW my full attention. So, my apologies for the non-response, for what it is worth, I don't really feel in a position to offer an opinion, since, like one or two of the others, EW is written in a style that is not really my 'cup of tea' (as we say this side of the pond!). Just a bit too 'flowery' for my taste, thats all. However, any person who writes a book, let alone gets it published, has my whole-hearted admiration and congratulations, so Marie, whoever you may be, very well done indeed!

Please Vita, just notch this one up to unlucky timing (as Marcia said.....things do go in cycles) and lets move on, yes? Too many glum faces around here, including mine - so I will perk up if you will!!


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