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Posted by Kate on September 11, 2000 at 19:47:54:

In Reply to: Re: Well, Here I go ... posted by Diana S. on September 11, 2000 at 16:47:47:

: : I can feel the adrenaline pumping and so I really should go take a little jog. Instead, I'm going to post. Your bad luck! :)

: : First of all, Vita asked you all to DISCUSS, not to LIKE, the book. A momentous event in the life of a friend ... largely ignored. Not only that, set as it is in the 18th century, it is relevant to the discussion topics of this Board. Am I surprised? Hell no.

: : As I mentioned in a post a few days back, I know exactly how Vita feels. Apparently so do others. In the past, we've received E-Mail from individuals who felt slighted because they felt no one ever responded to their posts. Some people take this all very seriously. I never did know what to tell these folks, other than that I could empathize. Take my post of yesterday ... 3 distinct topics that I thought would be of major interest to you all. Discussion generated? 0 Or, my post about this day in history ... the tragic attack on Little Thunder's Brule village. Discussion generated? 1

: : What to do? We can guide. We cannot control - This is a recurring issue; I hear myself having said this before - I've learned to live with it. This is something I could elaborate on greatly & it ties in with my rather rambling, apparently pointless, post of 3 Sundays ago ... but, I won't. Instead ...

: : I ask the rhetorical question: Has this Board outlived its purpose?

: Richard,

: Has this board outlived its purpose? WHAT...What??? Are you kidding. This to me has all been just another day in the life of the board.

: I enjoy reading most anything that is posted on this board. Everyone has a distinct style of writing. Some have a VERY distinct style and I LOVE IT ALL. Am I just easy? Maybe! But I hold anything someone has taken the time to think about and then write (which is very different from speaking, since we don't think near enough before doing that sometimes) in the highest esteem, but frequently I, like Nightsky, can't possibly add anything to what's already been said. I just sit back and soak it all in! Maybe I'm not being a responsible enough citizen, and I should let someone know when I appreciate what they've taken the time to compose, because I DO, DO, DO appreciate it.

: For instance, your style of writing the Sunday updates is such a warm fuzzy for my week. I rarely add anything, because I'm just sitting here going "Wow, this stuff is all so great". A week without a Sunday update is just plum blue! And another for instance, Elaine has a VERY distinct style of writing. With your prose, Rich, I just kinda get cozy and ramble along with ya, but when I read Elaine's stuff I REALLY have to pay attention and stay alert to keep up with her utter command of the english language. It's like a long run (you know, the one you need to take, go on, lace up those shoes, skedaddle, we'll be right here when you get back), you have to really be focused when you get started, but it sure does feel good when you're done! The MacWilliam Chronicles, another good example of a truly enjoyed, brilliant style of writing. I have been remiss in letting those fellows know HOW MUCH I appreciate their writing. I don't get to spend near the time I'd like, pouring through the chronicles. I AM SO ENVIOUS OF ALL OF YOU! I jus' write (long....i there) like I tawk, and I don't understand half of it myself most of the time, which is probably why I don't open myself up to embarrassment more often.

: And Vita, (I know, never start your sentences with *and*, but sometimes you just gotta, and my current English professor said I could ***-big raspberry there) I feel like I hear fairies wings flapping when I read your writing, its very ethereal, but I did feel like I might get a spanking if I didn't get on over to read EW, and once I did I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed it VERY much, but I appreciated Chris's and everyone else's opinion also. I think the style of writing was all that was discussed. I think Marie is staggeringly talented and no one can please everyone. Marie WILL find her audience, I'm sure of it. I'll say it again, WHEN CAN I READ CHAPTER TWO? I'm still cold and can't rest until I find out if Martine is OK?

: Back to the point at hand...(I hope)...its such a tough thing to communicate without seeing people's eyes and expressions, and so much is lost behind this screen. I, for one, have a hard time expressing what I'm REALLY trying to say (sorta like now), so I often remain quiet, when possibly I shouldn't. But that's just me, and it takes all kinds to make a world. You know, I think we should change the name of MohicanLand to MohicanWorld. There is so much more to this place than most of us know and I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT.

: Hey Dana, how about a Mohicanlander's Anonymous meeting at Bumppo's?!!!

: Outlived its purpose? PLEASE don't make Doc Mary stop this wagon!!!

: Did that make any sense at all? Hope so!
: Diana S.


Like Diana, I LOVE reading most everything that is posted on this Board. I admire greatly those who have the intelligence, knowledge and wit to initiate a 'thread' and I applaud all those who take the time to read, think about and respond to a particular post.

However, like Dana, some days, I too just don't feel I have the intelligence or the wit to respond with a coherent two cents worth. Some days I'm just so pushed for time, I manage only a quick squint at the posts with no time for responding. And some days, personal family issues take hold of me and I don't even manage a daily check on what's going on in Mohicanland. (Some days, particularly near the end of a 'quarter', I feel my phone bill simply can't cope with too much more 'on-line' reading! :o)

EVENTUALLY, I read just about everything! However, by then, I often feel that 'the moment has passed' and responses to some posts would be 'out of date'.

Sometimes, I feel I may add fuel to an already somewhat 'heated' (sorry, 'open and frank discussion') if I respond and it is my belief that sometimes it is better to say nothing, than cause hurt. Let's face it, once things are said in the heat of a mental battle, they can't be taken back and sometimes those hurt feelings linger with us for quite awhile.

Sometimes I'm just SO tired, even *I'M* not sure where I stand, as regards the issue under discussion!! So - haven't a clue HOW to respond!!!

Sometimes this lack of time makes me feel I just don't have the time to tease the jumble of thoughts and ideas swimming around my head, into a reasonable facisimile of what I'm really thinking!! So - I leave it to someone much more eloquent to say it for me! And there are usually MANY people who do - and say it much better than I ever could. (Diana, you and I are SO alike at times, in the way we think, it's spooky!! :o)

Finally, because I feel it has to be said, I felt pressured by a recent post ('no names, no pack-drill') then made to feel guilty because I didn't respond. I'm sorry but - that's how I felt. To be honest, 'pressure' and 'guilt' are not emotions that elicit my best responses. So - I felt it better to say nothing.

However, again like Dana, there are two kinds of posts that I TRY very hard to find time to respond to - those of 'welcome' and 'birthday wishes'. These are heartfelt wishes to new friends and old (if you'll pardon the use of that word!). Even if I am pushed for time, I try very hard to get these in. I want my friends in Mohicanland to know that, though I have been caught up by 'time' and have not been able to respond and engage in exchanging ideas with them, I recognise that they are there, with their multitude of ideas and opinons and when I get the chance, I will swap them thought for thought. But in the meantime, will they accept my welcomes to a fabulous website or accept my birthday wishes and hopes that their futures are full of love, laughter and happiness.

I wish I COULD respond to every thread that is posted. I wish everyone in Mohicanland wanted to hear everything I had to say about every topic that comes up! :o) I have to say that I too have posted threads that no one responded to. Perhaps it may mean that folks here thought I was talking a lot of nonsense. Well, if that is so, I'll have to learn to live with it - or go nuts thinking about it!! There are plenty of other things driving me nutty at the moment though! I think I'll give THIS one a miss!! :o)

But - as for the Board outliving it's purpose?? I don't see it that way, myself. Just the 'family' having another little 'in-house' difference of opinion, and after all, isn't that what 'responses' are all about? Folks having differing opinions but being allowed - no, ENCOURAGED to express them?

(Sorry, I'm using everyone else's words here!) I think Diana put it BRILLIANTLY!! 'PLEASE don't make Doc Mary stop this wagon'!!


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