Re: Yowzer! Hold the Presses!!!! -Yup! Taxes raised!

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Posted by The Publicant aka Tax Collector on September 11, 2000 at 20:26:33:

In Reply to: Re: Yowzer! Hold the Presses!!!! posted by MMMMarcia on September 11, 2000 at 20:06:53:

I know you addressed Elaine, and sorry if I put in my two cents. Oh, yes, I tell ya, The Publisher and The Publicant, both meant: Read It Or Else! Your taxes will be raised, your Guinness will run flat, bastinado will be waiting in the towne square, and TC will stay sulking in the corner, nursing her sore throat.
In the meantime, at least we did get some DISCUSSION going re. Eden's Winter, right? Hey, some achievement! In PR biz, we call this: it's OK if you don't like me, just as long as you put my name in print!
Marie is not revealing her ID because A - she is shy B - she reads more than posts C - though she has a great deal of experience chalked up (quite versatile, I might add), this is her first novel D - Eden's Winter has been up in our Reading Room for quite a many months now, and really, I was surprised that hardly anyone checked it out and commented on it, and so that is why I told Good Olde TC to ring her bell E - since the book is not yet completed, there was no immediate sales/aka financial benefit to be reaped by raging this tempest in a teacup.

So, dear MMMM, yes, true, some posts and threads just fall by the wayside.
And now, as The Tax Collector puts up his post... with the new rates... hehehe, let's see what will happen when the cavalry arrives to claim The State's Due!

Take care, MMMM...

The Publicant aka Tax Man

Hi, Elaine,

: Since I seemed to have opened today's can of worms, I WOULD like to comment on one or two more things, before I bow out of this entire discussion.

: 1) I DO understand Vita & her boundless enthusiasm quite well, which is why I phrased my post the way I did. I'm quite certain that Vita's posts regarding Eden's Winter & Marie de Merle were made with her usual exuberance and happy wish to share with others here. I'm sorry many of those posts were met with silence. It happens to ALL of us. There are several of us who have been trying with absolutely not ONE IOTA of success to get some fun scenarios going like we used to enjoy in Mohicanland. No respones from ANYONE, so I'm assuming that for now, at least, that's a dead horse. For whatever reason, as Rich pointed out, sometimes discussions, threads, jokes, whatever, get going great guns, and other times they don't. Period. I don't think it is normally anything personal. Maybe the people who would have jumped into the game or discussion didn't get around to reading the post. Maybe they read it & DID want to play or discuss or debate, but had a throbbing headache, an urgent appointment, or a cat throwing up last night's Little Friskies in the middle of the sofa. Maybe no one felt inclined at all. Who knows. MY point regarding the Eden's Winter thread was that perhaps the "enthusiasm" level just reached proportions where no one wanted to get involved. And maybe those EW posts that sounded "scolding" were counter-productive. It was just a theory, which I proposed because Vita seemed so upset over the silence of it all. I honestly believe there might have been a better response if it had been done a little bit more "softly," for want of a better word. But I could certainly be wrong. It may actually have been that cat throwing up on the sofa!

: 2) I understand exactly what a Pen Name is, but it's REALLY hard to rally around one! Perhaps if Marie de Merle were a bit more forthcoming about who she is, more support would have been offered, as well. I have great admiration for anyone who undertakes to write a book, and who manages to get one published. That is a huge accomplishment. But again, I, personally, was overwhelmed by all the posts and more posts saying we had to go read it, or "else." AGAIN, I know what Vita was trying to do, and the approach may work well for many people, but hard sell always makes me run the other way. Just my stubborn nature, I guess.

: All I really wanted to do was offer a bit of an explanation as ONE POSSIBLE reason why it fell a bit flat. If I had a nickel for every time one of MY posts fell flat or had an unanticipated outcome, I could be living in Paradise right now, chasing those island boys.

: Vita, just chalk it up to a couple of posts that didn't work, and move on. I know you will still have plenty of people who will discover Eden's Winter & be crazy about it, and then the talk will begin. I just wish I had that much hope for Sassy ever flying again. Or poor Miss Marcia, who's still lost in the woods, hoping for rescue. Or Dweebie, whose younger cousin, Doofus Day-Lewis was scheduled to make his appearance this month. It makes me sad to think those characters are not likely to surface again any time soon, but that seems to be the way of it.

: MMMMarcia

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