The Niece and Nephew Visit the Camp at Loyalhanna

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Posted by Dr. Uncle Mark on September 12, 2000 at 06:05:24:

Cars and trucks rushed by on Route 30, oblivious to the three figures standing at the top of the hill, gazing out from the stockade. The sun was setting directly in front of the figures, red and blue streaks highlighting the horizon.

The three figures, the one tall in the middle, holding the hands of the two shorter figures on the flanks. Hannah spoke in a hushed tone. "So this is where the fight happened, Dr. Uncle? This is where the French attacked our ancestors here at Ligonier?"

Dr. Uncle knelt down and gathered the two children in his arms. He pointed. "Well, my little smidgets. The French troops swept in from down below, attempting to take the heights here where the fort stands. But, the British troops, the provinicials and Highlanders hit them hard and battled back and forth before routing them. Your ancestors, Flags and Tales, Seamus, Davey Gunn and the Corporal, were more than ready to give the French a heated battle. After Major Grant's defeat the month before, the lads were hot to give the French and their savage allies a fatal blow."

Hiram sighed. "It seems so quiet now, except for the trucks and cars. And down there", he pointed to the right down over the hill, "is that where the Highland camp was?"

"Yes, Lad. Down beside the Loyalhanna Creek is where the camp was laid out. It's all part of the town now, but at that time there were hundreds of tents laid out along the creek. It's off there at the other side of town where Pvt. Frazier was killed and scalped."

The three figures turned and walked around the entrenchments into the main stockade between the storehouses. A few men dressed as provincials and Royal Americans were standing by, talking quietly. As Dr. Uncle and his two dearies passed, the men glanced their way, saluted to Dr. Uncle, then went on with their talk.

The three went out the back gate and gazed over the stockade. The Red Ensign was waving in the breeze and as they watched, it was slowly lowered and they heard the command, "To your colors, present your arms!" Solemnly they watched.

The Niece tugged on Dr. Uncle's kilt. Dr. Uncle took off his bonnet and knelt between the children. They put their arms around Dr. Uncle's shoulders and Hannah twisted the corporal's knot as she asked sweetly, "Can we come to the reenactment of the battle of Ligonier when you come back here in a few weeks? Please, Dr. Uncle Mark, Hiram and I want to watch the reenactment as you and the Grenadiers of the 77th whip the hated French into submission!"

"Huzzah!", shouted Hiram. "Huzzah!"

"Whoa, there, you little barbaric Gunns!", laughed Dr. Uncle Mark. "Of course you can come with me. We'll talk to the Mother and Father about it and I can finish the telling of the Chronicles right here by the fire, here at Fort Ligonier."

Dr. Uncle glanced up as two soldiers marched his way. He stood and the two soldiers brought their muskets to port as they addressed the Corporal. "Corporal, would you do us the honor of reviewing our few troops? As a Highland Grenadier you are the ranking officer."

"Aye, private. To the right about, face. To the front, march!"

Dr. Uncle took the niece and nephew by the hands. "Come, my little Highlanders. Let's take a look at this rabble. Then we can plan our trip back here in October. To the front, privates Hiram and Hannah! To the front, march!"

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