Re: Say It Ain't So? A Trekkie Speaks Out!

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Posted by NightSky on September 15, 2000 at 20:06:37:

In Reply to: Re: Say It Ain't So? A Trekkie Speaks Out! posted by MMMMarcia on September 15, 2000 at 15:47:46:

: :

: : MMMMarcia,

: Yes, VVVVince??

: : I thought VVVVince stood for & not necessarily in this order: Vindictive, Voracious & Valiant.

: >>Well...two outta three ain't bad! (Hey, I couldn't help set yourself up for that one!) *grin*

: :Maybe if I viewed RF from the back of his head then I might appreciate him some more - NOT!!!.

: >>I wouldn't expect you to understand this (you being of the male persuasion, an' all o' that) but Ralph is most definitely better viewed from the FRONT, gazing into those bee-yoootifully piercing blue eyes, and ohmigosh, that great smile! He has intensity by the bucketload! Come to think of it, the back of his head's pretty good, too. The only thing about him I DON'T like are his hands, which is too bad, because I'm a BIG fan of hands.

: :Last time I checked still had my 20/20 vision (no glasses or contacts - translation - did NOT study much as a kid). 'Nuff RF bashing for the day.

: >>Well, obviously if your vision is that good (mine was ONCE upon a time, in another land, far, far away), then it must be your sense of good TASTE that needs an adjustment!! I'm gonna chase you down at the next Gathering & adjust the heck outta ya!

: : Will try to watch two Madeleine Stowe videotapes this weekend:

: : Unlawful Entry
: : The Proposition

: >>I Haven't seen The Proposition, but I did see Unlawful Entry. I don't hate it as much as Rich did, but it's certainly not what one would call a great film, by any means. It's more like made for tv fare. (TEST EXERCISE: See if you get the same flash of LOTM deja vu in it that I did at one point!)

: : MMMM - you're also a Trekkie fan?!?

: Now it starts to get interesting...yes and no. I loathed the first Star Trek series. (Don't even ASK me what I think of GirlyMan Shatner!) But I absolutely fell in love with Next Generation, and have a REAL "thing" for Data! He's my favorite all time Trekling! Then I switched to Voyager when NG went away, and I thoroughly enjoy it, though I have to confess that sometimes Mark and I play the Three Silhouettes (a la Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000) down front during the show. I'm crazy for 7 of 9, even though I'm constantly wiping drool off Mark's chin whenever she's on screen. I love Tom Paris & Harry Kim, and Neelix. Chakotay makes me fall down laughing, though, with all his "bones of my people" stuff, and I cannot stand Janeway. Actually, it isn't the CHARACTER of Janeway I dislike as much as it is the actress who plays her (can't think of her name right now...I've blocked it out because she annoys me so much). That awful Munchkin voice! I keep waiting to hear her croak, "Lt. Paris, set a course for...for...well, just follow the Yellow Brick Road!" And whadup with those eyebrows of hers? They have a life of their own, leaping about in a strange display everytime Janeway is supposed to be worrying about something. Urk! But overall, I DO like Voyager and am sorry this will be the final season.

: For some reason, I cannot get interested in Deep Space Nine, though. I just can't find any characters on that one to draw me in. So I don't know what I'm gonna do when Voyager ends...just pray the Wes Studi show is good, I reckon.

: :Guess that makes three out of four (yeahs to eBay, Mohican Mania, Star Trek and a nay to you know who).

: >>I'm still working on that last one.

: :Apparently you have not watched enough ST - even Debbie who occasionally sits next to me to watch (tolerate is more like the word I'm looking for) a few episodes will tell you - "RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE"! (Hugh in I Borg) Ros back me up on this.

: >>Oh, I know it's not ALWAYS futile...but they (the Borg) always SAY it is. And I was swept away in my 56 of 60 guise. Looks like the Borg are going to give the entire Voyager crew a real run for their money next month, from the previews I've been seeing. And how does all this tie in to LOTM....EASY! All of the Star Trek shows have been about BOLDLY going where no man (woman, child, dog, goat or invertebrate) has gone before, namely the FRONTIER of space. So, voila...from the colonial frontier to the space/time continuum in one fell swoop! *sweeping my hat off & bowing low* I rest my case! ;o)

: : Anxiously awaiting my 55 gallon drum of Visine...

: Sorry about that...the UPS man says even his little elastic bracey-thingie about his waist isn't enough to help him pick up that drum! Guess I'll have to bring it along to the mountains next year and dunk you in it, myself!!

: Laytah, gaytah!


MMMM: My Kate Mulgrew/Cap. Janeway impression is one of my best. That along with my "sling blade" helped me keep my sanity when I was still working. I loved Janeway, I could use her when testifying in court - used to drive the judge crazy - but after 100 times on the witness stand, Janeway helped relieve the grind of it all. Maybe I'll bring her with me to CR next month. NightSky

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