You Got It, 'She...'!

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Posted by Kate on September 15, 2000 at 20:39:59:

In Reply to: Re: Your Plea Answered, 'Red Haired Lass' posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on September 15, 2000 at 17:43:14:

: Miss Katie,

: I do sympathize with yer plight; yes I do. I see it all around me this Autumn - bears comin' in from the mountains to search for food; settlers lookin' lean and gaunt; soldiers eatin' their horses - there's no end to the misery of folks that have not skills with the long rifle. Now, I been havin' some luck in the woods, of late, and would like ye to accept this offerin' of two turtle doves and a partridge that I shot out of Miss Gaylee Cooper's pear tree. Usually I save such delicacies for the holiday season, but seein' as yer short on vittles, I hope you enjoy them.

: I will be busy this weekend caulkin' my canoe for the Fall Hunt, and iffn ye have a spare quilt I might could take on the hunt with me, it would be most appreciated. Nights get mighty cold in the mountains, but iffn I can survive another season in the howling wilderness, I promise ye some fine venison and bear meat to see ye through the winter.

: Yer fri'nd,
: She Who Tracks

Well howdy, 'She...'!

Good to hear from ya'! So - you reckon it might have been soldiers raking in my trash box out back, last night??! No - there's no doubtin' this 'hay blockade' is gonna cause misery in the Colonies, not to mention TROUBLE!!

Why only this morning, I had occasion to amble over to the Mercantile and was HEART SICK to see the lowering of social graces, which is daily occurring!! One of our most respected citizens was actually FIGHTING like a common fish wife over the last jar of preserved prunes!! I mean, uncivilised or what?! And after all, *I* got there first!! *Harrumph!* It's sad, 'She...', it is indeed sad.

As for that Mrs. O'Reilly - really!! She had the audacity to accuse me of wanting to deplete her carefully stored 'stores' by asking for 'seconds'!! SHE claimed it was 'fourths' - no way, man!! And she simply REFUSED to allow me a 'doggy bag'!!

Therefore, 'She...', I reckon it's a done deal!! One cosy quilt in exchange for two turtledoves and that partridge from Miss Gaylee Cooper's pear tree. Howsever, if I were to throw in a matching pillow sham, any chance YOU could throw in three Frenchie's hens? (Well, I'm thinking the eggs would be a REAL 'barter' item!!).

Well, 'She...', I'm hoping that this consarn 'hay blockade' will be over by Christmas and our 'boys' will be comin' home. But - knowing the British government and its love of gathering taxes, I reckon this will go on for sometime.

Now - you didn't hear this from ME, BUT - I hear tell that a tax on tea is next!! Can you believe that?! Miss Marcia went quite hysterical with laughter at the very thought and eventually calmed down enough to splutter out 'never happen'!! Howsever, I don't see what difference it will make anyway!! I reckon we'll be lucky to SEE any tea within, oh the next 19 years AT LEAST, the way this 'blockade' is going!! However, I think we have the rights of this issue and we'd best keep our eyes on our duty - to support our poor starving boys in the picket lines!

I reckon if we're doing our best to feed ourselves, our boys won't have to worry about us, here at home! Therefore, if you can promise me some fine venison and bear meat to see me through the winter, the 'boys' of Mohicanland will be able to rest easy around their barricade bonfires! You're a real treasure, 'She...' - La Longue Carabine'd be right proud o' ya'!!

I'm thinking perhaps I could run you up some new winter woollies, for your trouble too. The newest thing is chewed doe hide 'combies', with the cutest little flap in the back!! Just the thing for under those leggin's o' yourn, no?! No... ah well, it was just a thought!

So you shall be down by the river, caulkin' your canoe, eh? Okey dokey, I will wander down with a cheeky but cheerful quilt I have prepared for you. I have done it in Red's and Oranges and Yellows - it pays to be seen, during the hunting season!! Well, I NEVER HAVE seen the point of having those plain red bed rolls that that ole' guy and his two boys carry round with them, up hill and down dale!! Bright and cheerful, is what I say! :o)

Look forward to jawin'- beg pardon, TALKING with ya'!

Your fri'nd - I mean FRIEND and humble servant,
Miss Katie.

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