Re: I DID Have It!! And I Want it BACK!

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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on September 16, 2000 at 17:35:18:

In Reply to: Re: I DID Have It!! And I Want it BACK! posted by Miss Marcia on September 16, 2000 at 11:49:54:

: Good Afternoon, My Dear Miss Katie,

: I must make this rather brief, as I have a feelin' in my bones that there's a BAAAAAD wind a-blowin' down here in the SOUTHERN part of Mohicanland, and you know Miss Marcia always ends up hidin' under the bed when the lightning starts, be brief:
: yes, DO come by about 4-ish for our tea, if the bridge don't go and the creek don'r rise, as they say. We've LOTS to catch up on. For one thing, I will be most interested to hear further details about your experience down to Mervin's Meretricious Mercantile. I DO believe we are not talking about the same woman, at all. MY accoster wasn't 7' tall, nosirreeee...more like 7' WIDE, if you ask me. Sure felt like there was a lot o' HEFT behind that elbowin' & grabbin'!! So that means there's more'n one of 'em. Likely they run in pairs, doncha know!

: And I want to hear more about that ole guy & his two sons, and all the troubles THEY manage to get themselves into. Scroundrels, I reckon...though I have heard tell they are pretty easy on the EYES, all three of 'em! (Not that *I*, being a genteel and RE-fined Southern lady, would LOOK, you understand!! Twouldn't be seemly, now would it?)

: Anyway, I'll start on those huckleberry tarts, and get the teapot warmin', and be waitin' for you on my front porch. But DO keep watch on the weather, Dear Heart...don't want you arriving all soppy wet, or worse yet, gettin' lost or injured in a nasty storm. Be sure to bring along a parasol, and some dry slippers for your toesies! Until then,

: Yours Most Graciously,
: Miss Marcia
: PS...I LOVE the sound of that quilt you have made for She-Who-Tracks! I just might have to avail myself of your fine stitchery services soon. I, myself, prefer the culinary arts to anything involving a needle and thread...pointy implements frighten my delicate sensibilities SO, doncha know!

Afternoon, Miss Marcia!

Stopped by to show ye the fine quilt and rifle cover set Miss Katie made for me to take along on the hunt. That lady sure knows how to wield a needle; yes she does. I'm goin' to try to bring her back some o' them Canadian chickens in return, since she requested 'em, though I don't know fer sure how I'm goin' to get 'em back still in egg-layin' condition, but I'll figgur it out. Is there anything special ye'd care to have me bag fer ye while I'm on the trail?

Got to head back to the cabin now. Appears to be a strong wind risin, and those clouds overhead look mighty threatenin'. Never like to keep Hector out in lightening and thunder storms - he gets fair frenetic and digs under the cabin fer days. Last time, he dug so deep the side of the cabin sunk.

She Who Tracks

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