Re: I DID Have It!! And a howdy-do to She!

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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on September 16, 2000 at 20:38:34:

In Reply to: Re: I DID Have It!! And a howdy-do to She! posted by Miss Marcia on September 16, 2000 at 19:34:01:

: : Afternoon, Miss Marcia!

: : Stopped by to show ye the fine quilt and rifle cover set Miss Katie made for me to take along on the hunt. That lady sure knows how to wield a needle; yes she does. I'm goin' to try to bring her back some o' them Canadian chickens in return, since she requested 'em, though I don't know fer sure how I'm goin' to get 'em back still in egg-layin' condition, but I'll figgur it out. Is there anything special ye'd care to have me bag fer ye while I'm on the trail?

: : Got to head back to the cabin now. Appears to be a strong wind risin, and those clouds overhead look mighty threatenin'. Never like to keep Hector out in lightening and thunder storms - he gets fair frenetic and digs under the cabin fer days. Last time, he dug so deep the side of the cabin sunk.

: : She Who Tracks

: Why, Good Afternoon, She!

: SEW nice to see you! Oh, you are too kind to ask what I might be needin'. Lemme think for a spell...hmmmmm...I WAS wanting a few bear claws to stuff with prune preserves, and I know YOU'D do a better job of fetchin' 'em from the bear than Dweebie would have done...but...seein' as how I got beat outta those preserves and don't know when I might lay my hands on another jar of 'em, there's not much need for the claws any more. Say! I hear tell them Canadians knows a thing or two about BACON! Whooooowheeeeeeee! I'd purely LOVE to have some DEE-licious Canadian bacon! Why with some of that, and some of the eggs from those chickens yer fetchin' back for Miss Katie O'Arbroath, we could have us some nice coddled eggs a la Alice (served with the yolks staring blankly about, doncha know). Do you think you could see yer way clear to bring me home a hunk o' that, should you find some? I'd be willin' to cook you up a breakfast the likes of which you ain't seen since Hector was a pup, if you could. You know, the pickin's are gettin scarce around here, and if I don't get some vittles in from somewhere soon, why Miss Marcia's Famous DownHome Kitchen'll just be a faint memory! *sniff* Oh, and while you're trekkin', how's about shootin' me a squirrel or two, in exchange for some of my famous squirrel fritters? That'd be mighty tasty! And if ye should see a bit of George Roadkill Possum (OR armadillo) along the route, why scoop it on up & bring it back, too! We'll have us a reg'lar feast upon your return! Until then, walk softly, step carefully, and shoot straight!

: Yours Most Graciously,
: Miss Marcia

Let's see here - - I'm makin' my list and checkin' it twice - - three layin' hens for Miss Katie, and bacon fer Miss Marcia and possum (iffn I happen to hit the George Road on my way), and as fer squirrels, I can get some o' those creaturs fer ye before I go. Isn't any place in the world fuller o' squirrels than Mohicanland.

*chuckles in her own silent way*


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