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Posted by Miss Katie on September 17, 2000 at 06:46:51:

In Reply to: Re: You Got It, 'She...'! posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on September 16, 2000 at 10:26:35:

: Good Mornin', Miss Katie,

: Say, I surely do appreciate this charmin' quilt. It is by far the cheeriest warmer I ever did have to take on a hunt with me. And the long rifle cover is clever, sartain. Just think - me with a matched set! I surely will treat 'em with care and keep 'em hid from trappers and Mingos who might just view 'em with a feelin' of envy.

: Don't know whether I can find three French hens for ye, or not, so I won't promise. Howsever, I will swing up toward the Canadas with that in mind, and just might could find some qualifyin' birds for the bargain.

: I'm glad to hear ye say La Longue Carabine would be proud of me. It's my aim in life to find him and let him know what he's been missin' all these years. He will be taken aback, sartain!

: Now, iffn I can just find a partner to accompany me on this hunt, I'll be ready to start off. Ahs me, how I miss The Old Crone. Once she learned to paddle the canoe without turnin' it in circles, she was right good company, though not much in the way of bringin' down the game.

: Got the canoe about ready for service, now. Got the pouches o' parched corn and dried meat and salt and lead and powder all ready to stow. Just got to go about and bid farewell to my fri'nds and spend one last evenin' at Bumppo's, and I'll be headin' off into the howling wilderness.

: She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine


Good morning, 'She...',

I'm so pleased your so pleased with your new quilt!! Well, we can't have you traipsin' across mountains and canoing up country without a cozy comforter to warm the cockles o' that heart o' yourn, of a cold and frosty night!! Seein' you can't find La Longue Carabine and all! And any trappers or mingos lay their grubby mitts on it, you give 'em the sharp end o' your carabine! I don't aim to supply blankets to every Tom, Dick or Mingo in the territory!

As to the three French hens, I know you'll do your best. Already I can taste those fine French brown eggs!! If you have a little trouble gettin' them home, no worries - we'll have *scrambled* egg, instead! Egg is egg, as Miss Marcia says!

Oh, there's no doubtin', 'She...', La Longue Carabine don't know WHAT he's missing, sartain!! There ain't no denying you're uncommon like him!! Yes, by all means, DO bring him back, if you catch hi... beg pardon, catch UP with him!! Hmmm - you don't suppose that 'La Longue Carabine' could be a figment of the Colonies' collective imagination ... or perhaps one of the Three Tales so often told by that wiley ole Indian Scout 'Sign Talker'?? :o)

Ah yes... Old Crone *sigh* - yes, I can't go past that tumbled down ole wattle hut o' hers without casting my mind back to th' ole days! My, my, Old Crone caused many a stir in Mohicanland! Remember the day her hut collapsed and all the townsfolk came together to... ah, well - best keep our eyes on our duties 'She...' - looking for a sidekick to jine ya in your sojourns!! The sooner one's found, the sooner you're outta here!

I'm right glad you're thinkin' o' one last night at Bumppo's before ya' go. I hear 'Red Haired Lass' is staring her UB40 (Unemployment Benefit Card) in the eye! That Mrs. O'Reilly is threatening' her with cuttin' her hours, not to mention wages, custom being so bad these days! Well hey! There's no hay to feed the townsfolk's transport! But that ain't 'Red...'s fault!! It's good your're gonna go down there and give that Lass some support! One (OR 8) little Sherries should do it!!

Well, 'She...', I wish you much success on your journeyin'! I'm sure you'll LOVE the Canada's (I hear the Canadian's as SO polite!). Take care, 'She...'- we'll miss you. NO, that's a lie! With that new cheerful co-ordinated winter warmer set - NOBODY'S gonna miss ya!!!

Miss Katie.

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