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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on September 17, 2000 at 08:28:04:

A 1999 Gathering Memory: Eric Schweig Arrives At Chimney Rock Park!


Last week, I ran off a day's top 20 Web Site page accesses. Here's a week's worth, probably more accurate. The Top 25, NOT counting the Board or our Home Page:

Eastern Woodland Indians
The Mohicans: Children of the Delaware
The Script Menu
History & The Last of the Mohicans Menu
Colonial Era Photos
Director’s Expanded Edition
Ishi: A Real Life Last of the Mohicans
Mohican Musings
How To Purchase The Book
LOTM Screen Captures
Pathfinding: Walking The Trail
The Hurons: Allied to the French
Mohican Musings Index
Eric Schweig Interview
Wes Studi Interview
AHG Back Issues
Links To Other Sites
The French & Indian War: Mohican History Links
Under The Make-Up Tent
The Book Shoppe
Screen Captures: DVD Images
What’s New!
Fort William Henry: The Siege & Massacre

Ever wonder what brings people here? We do. Here's the top Yahoo keyword searches for last week:

the last of the mohicans
last of the mohicans
daniel day lewis
mohican indians
the last of the last of the mohicans
the last of mohicans
mohican indian tribe
last of mohican
1992 movies
last of the mohican
last of the mohicans summary
mohicans indian tribe
film locations
last mohicans
ishi last of his tribe
last of the mohicans movie
movies made with daniel day lewis

Nothing too surprising there ... Now, look at this!!! These are a mere sampling of SOME of the keyword searches used just this past week that brought folks here. Everything, but the kitchen sink ... from elf bowling to tattoos!

eric schweig, chicken dance, jodhi may, anglo saxons, wes studi, madeleine stowe, hunter s moon, i will find you, eastern woodland indians, girls mud wrestling, education of little tree, tomahawks, fort william henry, smoke signals review, ergot, eskimos, elk sounds, agnes sligh turnbull, canadian auto trader, david james elliot, waterfall pictures, mud wrestling, sartre, les jeux sont fait, pumpkin carving, muskets, real tatoo designs, what are the ingredients in gun powder, eye twitch, linville gorge, duncan heyward, bayonets, united artist, movieposter, nathaniel hawkeye, indians, www .dutch. trader .com, creation story, in the still of the night, chivington massacre, curly maple, confederate regiment, heaven i m in heaven, hohok0m indians, power words, hurons, madeline stowe pictures, gory, fall folliage, slavery racism, shakesperian tragic hero, yippie kay yay, george washington and journal, unredeemed captive, cooper book, machinal stiltish chowderhead cogitativeness cholecystostomy, on this date, scenes for actors, black leather jacket, hair extentions, lbh, how do you make gun powder, hour glass, irish jig, woodland indians, the long walk, grusome, molly brant, fox movie channel, raffle tickets, encycopidia, killdeer, movie sountracks, stripped naked, i will find you clannad, blind girl horror, stupid answers to silly questions, where would i find frank haskell and the battle of gettysburg, young girls teen 11 12 years age child naked, free soundtrack sample, online birthday greetings, amoeba, great butts, centermark inc, fire prevention gun powder, long range weather, the winner is, lace collar, thanksgiving stories, "streets of laredo", white rose, blooper nude photos, john demos, what is in gun powder, brogue, minute man statue, elevator shoes, black robe, mr t i pitty the fool, disney formulaic, australian tea tree oil research, nasty, you can t please everyone then you ve got to please yourself, garand bayonets, butler s rangers, crogan, france and indian war, bushy run, ghost dance, rifle replicas, my left foot, dialects in english, floral vine garland, native american people, divorcee, madeline stowe unlawful entry, native american actors, burning man satanic, swamp fox, wampum, the red man, paintings graphics eskimos inuits polar bears, sleepy hollow tarrytown, first kiss, allianz commercial, the last stand painting, rocky balboa, new romancer dj cd, connectix desktop designer, lost colony of roanoke, dog soldiers, geronimo, irene bedard nude, romanticism, powwow hawaii, eye twitch seizure arm twitch, madeline stowe and credits, upcoming movies, photographs dealing with inuits eskimos, 1776 the movie, gregg rainwater, tecumseh, birthday greetings, cecil day lewis, gender reassignment, war paint, fort ticonderoga, john trudell, pirate gold, women mud wrestling, indian arts and crafts board, chastity belt, what are the benefits of aloe vera juice, canoe seat, studigroup, custer s last stand, little big horn, subtitles existenz, i grow up to be just like you, godness gracious me, famous native americans, marquis de montcalm, g2000, george pickett, famous shoes, cold mountain, eagle feathers, nastassja kinski, the deerslayer, wattle, world tea trade, electrify insures rationals consternation defined, janine turner, what is the marquis de montcalm, snare wilderness, regional dialects, wigs, violence on tv, cheap dvd, 19th century millinery, sarah shave, simon kenton, shaka zulu, what is a sally port ...

ENOUGH!!! It goes on & on & on ... These are REAL entries (as they were entered) made by folks on the various search engines that actually led them here somewhere on the Web Site. This is a randomly selected small fraction of a sample! Yikes!

OK, the E-Mail Of The Week:

>From Thu Sep 14 12:25:29 2000
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:24:41 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
X-Mailer: AOL 5.0 for Windows sub 119

I find it revolting that your page has gone from a cute little site full of great info about one of my favorite films to the sick, for profit, anything for a buck site that it has now become. Taking the hard work of the film's producers and doing whatever you can do to get money from their ideas is terrible. Your latest t-shirt, cup, mouse pad thing is a joke and so is the b.s. you put about taxes and stuff. Most of us aren't as stupid as you think.
Signing off-

Sound Off: Why even reply? I figure if there's one, there' more. Maybe this needs addressing ...

A couple of things that amaze me. One is: How many people come out of the woodwork to criticize when they obviously have no idea what it is they are talking about. Two: How almost all of these nitwits use untrackable E-Mail addresses. i.e. AOL, where you can have, I think, up to 7 aliases these days, hotmail, etc. So brave to be heard; chicken poop when it comes to standing up to their words.

So, we've come from a "cute little site" to rip-off artists. Well, we've heard THAT before. Let me say this ... The idea of creating a guide booklet to the film's locations was mine, and mine alone. If anyone else thought of it, they never got around to persuing the idea. A lot of hard work & money went into making that dream a reality. The idea of creating a Web Site to be able to sell that booklet was Elaine's. That is what the Web Site was created FOR. So, from the VERY beginning, this site was a commercial site. Everything else ... EVERYTHING ... came later.

Now, the site is free to all. There's a wealth of material here within the 301 Web Pages. All available to use, steal, whatever. I ask you, AK, and anyone else who has similar thoughts, how many folks, supporting 11 people on ONE income, would even think about maintaining a Site as large, and as costly, as this one?? Very short list, I'd think. So, what is wrong with using original ideas, our OWN ORIGINAL photos, and trying to recoup some of that money, in exchange for a useful item??? Did I see a gun pointed at anyone's head? Sorry you didn't get the joke about taxes, but then you obviously haven't given this too much thought. Buy the stuff if you want to, and help support what we do, or don't. We're not going to come knocking at your door, either way. No privileges are denied if you don't buy. There's no "members only" area. If it's here you can access it, for free, regardlesss of whether you hate us or love us.

Ripping off the Producers???? How about letting the producers decide that. For your info: This Web Site is no secret. now has us in the top 4.5%. That means, we have more links to us than 95.5% of all the sites out there. You can find us. As evidenced by the sampling of keyword searches above, that ain't no problem. We are out there for all to see. Maybe Fox or Forward Pass might have stopped us a long time ago, if only they could find us, right? Oh yeah, plus we've contacted them both several times through the years on various matters. They KNOW we're here. Then there's this little fact ... We mailed Michael Mann a complimentary copy of the guide book a few years back. He was so infuriated that he actually PAID FOR more copies. He felt SO ripped off that he wanted to actually experience it first hand. Give me a break! This Site PROMOTES "The Last of the Mohicans," and those associated with it ... for FREE! We're so money hungry that we actually charge ourselves for all fees associated with our own Mohican Gatherings! Are you kidding me???

We are proud of everything on this Site. We've worked hard to be sure we rank high in the search engines so that folks can find us. They do.
We're not in hiding.

Our ideas are our ideas and are no more "rip-offs" than Michael Mann making big bucks off of James Fenimore Cooper.

Get over it!

And so it goes ...

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