Re: Ghosts of The Little Big Horn - Hey Beth!

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Posted by Jeri on October 31, 2000 at 07:54:54:

In Reply to: Re: Ghosts of The Little Big Horn - Hey Beth! posted by NightSky on October 31, 2000 at 07:08:54:

: : : Very interesting-and I don't call you foolish. It seems that in places of great tragedy there are ghost sightings. I personally believe that many "poltergeists" are demons, but I do not know about ghosts & am willing to listen to any theories.

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: : : : I watched an interesting documentry last night, prompted of course, by Halloween. Seems the site of the Battle of the Little Big Horn is haunted by the ghosts of Custer's 7th Regiment as well as the North American braves who died in the battle. One woman, who's apartment is located very close to the site, claims to have been awakened one night and saw soldier from the 7th sitting in her kitchen! The next day, she went to the information centre and found a picture of her ghost in amongst the officers that died that day. An Indian woman claims to have seen two mounted warriors riding up one of the hills and stopping to look out over the scene of the battle. Call me foolish, but I believe in the supernatural and if any battle scene would have spectres wandering around, the Little Big Horn would certainly qualify as a prime location for them.

: : : : ..Jeri

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: : Well this is certainly one subject that could cause quite a discussion eh? Some believe in the supernatural, others call it hogwash. While I'm pretty sceptical about many so called ghost stories, there are others that are just unexplainable. You're absolutely right about sites of great tragedy usually fostering wandering spirits. I've always believed that the difference between poltergeists (or noisy ghosts), and ghosts was that poltergeists 'haunted' individuals, while ghosts were tied more to a specific place or area. Of course, there's always the other theory that poltergeists were in reality caused usually by a child with 'special' abilities.

: : ..Jeri

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: For those who don't believe, you're welcome to spend a couple of days in our farmhouse. Whoever they are, they were here when we moved in, and will most likely be here when we leave. The house's history gives no clue as to their identities, they probably pre-date this particular structure. We all have our stories of what we've seen and heard, but there appears to be no malevalence, so we just add each new experience to our library of "ghost" stories. Even the dogs except them as part of our home life. Both dogs we have now were raised here. They'll just look at the wall and wag their tales, or move out of the way when one passes through. My kids talk about having a seance, but that seems pointless when they're all around us anyway. Why call up what's already here? NightSky


Hi NightSky!

Many people live with ghosts. As you say, you become used to their presence. My ex in-laws claimed to have had a ghost living in their century old farmhouse, but like yours, their's caused no problems (other than raising the hair on the back on your neck when it passed by..sort of like someone opening the freezer door). However, I've heard and read that poltergeists can be a royal pain in the butt to have around.

Ever watched the movie 'The Entity'?


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