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Posted by Bill R on November 01, 2000 at 18:44:33:

In Reply to: Re: Off & On The Topic posted by Rich on November 01, 2000 at 09:47:54:

: No, Bill, I'll show you what Revisionist history is, with my Crazy Horse example ... soon as I can.

What I meant that to mean was that Revisionist has become a dirty word with connotations of rewriting politically correct history - and those whose close held beliefs are threatened by that call such rewriting "Revisionist". It's kind of like Franklin said about revolution and treason. One man's treason is another's revolution. Meaning, to get back to the point, it is "Revisionist" if you don't agree with it, and is "new information" if you do. However, the true meaning of it as you say the correct one.

: Revisionist history, in my book, is distorting, or selectively using bits of information, to suit a pre-conceived notion. Not letting the facts tell the story & then letting the chips fall where they may. Usually, this occurs due to political & social mores of the day ...

: As for the rest, if you re-read my post, I never really said what MY opinion of Columbus' motives or morals were, now did I? As Christina said, all humans have faults. Columbus should be recognized, and is, thankfully, for his achievements. Otherwise, we may as well denounce all of European/African America for their "misdeeds" & give the country up, and go back to Africa & Europe or wherever else we've come from

Yes! Yes! Exactly Right! You have it now! That's exactly what we should do! Give America back to the natives, Africa back to the natives, Australia back to the Aborigines, Europe back to ...uh, who do we give it back to again?

... I don't see what's so unique about Columbus' behavior ... there is much that's unique in his achievement.

That's what I was saying, sort of. He was a man of his times.
However, were it not him who sailed west and bumped into these lands, somebody would have. Perhaps it would have been another 100 years, but somebody would have. Which is kind of like saying "hey if John Glenn hadn't been the first into space for Americans, somebody would have." yeah, but it took courage to strap millions of pounds of volatile fuel to his butt and do it!!
And it took courage for Columbus to strap a leaking, bobbing cork to HIS butt and sail out way beyond sight of land into the unknown.

Bill R

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