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Posted by Red-Haired Carolina Voter on November 17, 2000 at 11:38:39:

In Reply to: Re: AlGore I Am posted by Bill R on November 17, 2000 at 10:59:55:

: Well now. Every time I vow to keep my mouth shut, I find I cannot. Firstly, I recognize that this post was made in fun, and with a lighthearted, even tone. Therefore, much I will hold back, and only say this:

: It ain't the SYSTEM that is at fault. Our system of government works quite well, remarkably well given it was written over 200 years ago. That is well thought out foresight, I must say. I wish some of the laws and ammendments passed more recently had the same kind of time-tested validity and foresight. I really, really become frightened when the likes of Al Gore want to tinker with, and blame, and alter that system whenever they don't get their way. Al Gore loses, and he and Hillary push for a revoking of the Electoral College? Hmmmmm. Correct me if I am wrong (and I am NOT) but wasn't it Al Gore who before the polls opened told Bush he would ABIDE by, even PREFERRED, the results of the Electoral vote? Oh, I get it. That worked against him so NOW he says it is unfair and we should ABOLISH IT because it didnt work out the way he wanted? And THIS is the sort of man we would want tinkering with the Constitutional Ammendments and the Bill of Rights? I think not.

: Essentially, bashing the SYSTEM (our laws and government) because we don't like the results is a VERY dangerous mindset to adopt - and one Al Gore would love us to adopt. Once we lose respect for the wisdom and fairness of the SYSTEM, it sets the stage for guys like Al Gore to screw with the system. It does illustrate that Al Gore would do most anything to get his hands on the reins of power.

: I am not terribly fond of either candidate but I am VERY fond of the system, our system of laws and government. And if I have to choose between somebody who has shown he will screw with our constitution as Al Gore has, or somebody who will respect it, I know where the interests of the COUNTRY lie. Al Gore's interests lie with Al Gore. In my opinion. And in the opinion of half the country apparently. In order for the vote to be exactly half, an awful lot of democrats had to vote against him.
: Tell me, if Al Gore is so wonderful, why would his own state go for the other candidate? It would seem to ME that a man's home state would be proud to see one of their sons sit in the White House. Could it be the folks who know Al Gore best don't trust him?

: Bill R

: : Now Clabert, Dearie...and Sweet Vincent... Poke fun at the system as a whole, yes. Laugh at the entire process, sartain. EVEN make us Florida voters out to be a few oranges shy of a grove, sure. But please, oh please, let us not get into the shortcomings of the individual candidates at this point. I fear that this Board is probably as equally divided on this particular issue as the rest of the country is. And if you guys are going to Gore-bash, then I might forget the bounds of good taste and tell you what I REALLY think of that squinchy-eyed, no-lipped, ferret-faced congenital IDJIT who's running against him. And then?? Well, there'd be name calling, and yelling, and sign waving, and a counting of Mohicanlander votes, followed by a recount, and then the Supreme Justices of our village would have to gather in Mervin's Meretricious Mercantile (as the only place large enough to handle the angry spectators) and hash out the whole mess, ad nauseum. And we wouldn't want any o' that, now would we? No, I think Mohicanland must RISE ABOVE the rest of the nation, so how about we either bash the whole SYSTEM or nothing at all, whaddya say? Will you consider this?

: : Of course, this is just the opinion/suggestion of ONE Mohicanlander. Maybe others disagree entirely. I hope not. I DO have a little Dubya Ditty stored away, but please don't make me USE it.

: : FV (No offense intended to anyone, anywhere...well, except maybe that guy in Texas.)

My dearest Gnome, I certainly respect and understand your opinions and heavens, I certainly understand how hard it it is to leap into the fray when a discussion mounts. But the thing that's concernin' me here and I believe Miss MMMMarcia as well is it seems only ONE candidate is gettin' the bashin', and I would dearly love to believe that her in Mohicanland I've discovered a diplomatic fray where all of our political opinions could be respected. I think the concern is that those of us who AIN'T fond of Dubya might feel a little quashed, scared and offended if only ONE side keeps rearin' its head. Am I correct in hopin' there's some political diversity among us here, or is it best for Red to go back to the Carolina wilderness and chant her opinions to the pine trees?
Not to be offendin' anyone, and frankly I would have liked to have a better choice this year. Just want to know those of us with differin' opinions won't be chased out by Hurons ---

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