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Posted by Bill R on November 17, 2000 at 12:01:11:

In Reply to: Re: AlGore I Am posted by Red-Haired Carolina Voter on November 17, 2000 at 11:38:39:

Red, (and Marcia),

There is NOBODY in Mohicanland I love more than Marcia and yourself. There are many folks here I think very highly of.

Political diversity is healthy. It keeps us in the middle road which is probably the most rational path and the one most acceptable to the majority of folks.

Encouraging political polarization and bitterness is unhealthy.
That is what is going on now, and that is a result of individuals not the system. The system does not promote bitter polarity. Personalities do that. And I am sorry, I only ever hear ONE party continually trying to screw around with the constitution for personal ends. I guarantee you, if George Bush loses in the end due to losing the electoral votes in Florida, you will NOT hear him stating that the Constitution of this land needs to be changed. I wish folks could see how darn dangerous it is to let ourselves be convinced by a PERSONALITY (with no substance in my opinion) that tinkering with the Consititution
in ANY way capriciously endangers us all. Those statements should alarm people. The cult of personality is working well when it does not.

As for Mohicanland? We differ, sometimes quite strongly, but we respect each other and stand up for each other regardless of opinions and beliefs. Maybe it would be better for Florida and the country if they could do likewise. But by GOD, when will we wise up and NOT let politicians from EITHER camp divide us, or persuade us to ignore laws or alter a document which protects the rights of ALL of us no matter what smooth argument is presented? WE are the important ones here, and our Constitution is the thing worth fighting for. NOT Al Gore or George Bush.
When we let them divide us they win and we lose.

hugs to both you and Marcia. I would break bread with either of you any time. You won't see me making that offer to Al Gore, or for that matter George Bush.

Bill R

: My dearest Gnome, I certainly respect and understand your opinions and heavens, I certainly understand how hard it it is to leap into the fray when a discussion mounts. But the thing that's concernin' me here and I believe Miss MMMMarcia as well is it seems only ONE candidate is gettin' the bashin', and I would dearly love to believe that her in Mohicanland I've discovered a diplomatic fray where all of our political opinions could be respected. I think the concern is that those of us who AIN'T fond of Dubya might feel a little quashed, scared and offended if only ONE side keeps rearin' its head. Am I correct in hopin' there's some political diversity among us here, or is it best for Red to go back to the Carolina wilderness and chant her opinions to the pine trees?
: Not to be offendin' anyone, and frankly I would have liked to have a better choice this year. Just want to know those of us with differin' opinions won't be chased out by Hurons ---
: yers,
: Red

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