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Posted by Clabert on November 17, 2000 at 13:26:44:

In Reply to: Re: AlGore I Am posted by MMMMarcia on November 17, 2000 at 12:35:06:

I couldn`t agree with you all more. I sent this out because it was funny. There has been a ton of funny political stuff coming in over the past week. But the truth of the matter is exactly as Bill stated earlier. Although I am a registered Democrat, I have always voted for the person most likely to up hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We should ALL go back and read all the letters and writtings of those that wrote these two documents, so they we can understand their true "intent" when they drafted them. You may be surprised because they knew EXACTLY what they were saying when they wrote it down. Those two documents make us different then any other country in the world. They make us BETTER, then any other country in the world. If we let one person change just one thing in either of those documents, then they will be open to change them all. And nobody wants that. We all love our freedom of speech. We all enjoy our right to worship how we will. And they are all protected by our right to keep and bear arms. As my friends, I don`t care if you voted for the right person. I just hope you voted for the right reasons.


: Yo, Bill!

: : There is NOBODY in Mohicanland I love more than Marcia and yourself.

: Thankee kindly, sir. The feeling is mutual, I assure you!

: :There are many folks here I think very highly of.

: Ain't that the truth!

: : Political diversity is healthy. It keeps us in the middle road which is probably the most rational path and the one most acceptable to the majority of folks.

: Agreed.

: : Encouraging political polarization and bitterness is unhealthy.
: : That is what is going on now, and that is a result of individuals not the system.

: Here is where we come to a parting of the opinions. I say it is BOTH the individuals and (SOME things about) the system. (Of course, I don't agree as to which individual is causing the bitterness, but that disagreement over individuals is the part of our system that works.)

: I have seen NOTHING which leads me to believe our constitution is in jeopardy, but again, let's not argue that here any more. I'll be happy to write you privately and haggle over our politics for hours on end, if'n ye want. Or maybe we should just adjourn to Bumppo's and have a round or six, whilst singing bawdy songs, and forget the whole mess. That sounds good to ME!!

: : As for Mohicanland? We differ, sometimes quite strongly, but we respect each other and stand up for each other regardless of opinions and beliefs.

: Agreed, again!

: : hugs to both you and Marcia. I would break bread with either of you any time. You won't see me making that offer to Al Gore, or for that matter George Bush.

: Hey, I don't want either of 'em at MY table, either! Whaddya know, we agree on THIS much, at least! ;o)

: Yer still my favorite Gnomeling, you ol' Elephant, you...and I know in my heart, I'm yer favorite Donkey, eh??? ;o)


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