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Posted by Adele on November 18, 2000 at 09:57:23:

In Reply to: Re: Gun Control posted by Bill R on November 17, 2000 at 17:39:17:

: : : : : I couldn`t agree with you all more. I sent this out because it was funny. There has been a ton of funny political stuff coming in over the past week. But the truth of the matter is exactly as Bill stated earlier. Although I am a registered Democrat, I have always voted for the person most likely to up hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We should ALL go back and read all the letters and writtings of those that wrote these two documents, so they we can understand their true "intent" when they drafted them. You may be surprised because they knew EXACTLY what they were saying when they wrote it down. Those two documents make us different then any other country in the world. They make us BETTER, then any other country in the world. If we let one person change just one thing in either of those documents, then they will be open to change them all. And nobody wants that. We all love our freedom of speech. We all enjoy our right to worship how we will. And they are all protected by our right to keep and bear arms. As my friends, I don`t care if you voted for the right person. I just hope you voted for the right reasons.

: : : : : Clabert
: : : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

: : : : Ooooh, now, Clabert! I GOTTA dispute one of your thoughts here - 'they make us BETTER, then any other country in the world'. Not quite what *I* would have said!!

: : : : Now - HERE'S your solution, FV. We could dump your 'election' debate - and go with THIS one!! I'm sure THIS one could get just as exciting (and *heated*) if we really TRY! :o)

: : : : Kate.

: : :
: : : Oh, I think we have HAD this discussion once or twice! I think what he meant was not that we are BETTER than other people in other countries, just that in his opinion our RIGHTS are better protected than in most other countries. Even that may be a stretch, but I warrant those countries with a Constitution by which they ABIDE are better off than those without one or led by rulers who disregard or abrogate their Constitution. And I have a firm, firm belief that our 2nd Ammendment is vital to the continued existence intact of OUR Constitition. Take the argument that the 2nd Ammendment only protects our right to arm "militia" i.e. the National Guard and not the people - that argument leads to the conclusion that only military units have the right to be armed - military units who must obey the ORDERS of the politicians above them in their chain of command - and therefore HAVE been sent to quell demonstrations on occasion.
: : : Can you imagine the excesses some politicians would go to if they knew ONLY the military was armed? And don't say "our" politicians would not. The darling of the democrats - FDR - ordered Japanese Americans to be "encamped" and dispossessed at Army gunpoint - and used the Army to quell demonstrations. If this most liberal of Presidents can do it, any of them can and will. Given the knowlege that the citizens are completely unarmed and therefore unable to respond to oppression, excesses WILL happen sooner or later. And we won't even TALK about what happens if the criminals know all their victims are unarmed......

: : : Bill R

: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Hmmmmmm, guess I could get that debate on gun control sooner than I thought!! I just can't resist responding to that last comment Bill.....guess that if the criminals know all their victims are unarmed, all those criminals would have to be in England, no?

: : As for Claberts original comment, I totally get what he was trying to say and I think that HIS final comment was the very best thing I have read in this debate so far....."As my friends, I don`t care if you voted for the right person. I just hope you voted for the right reasons."

: : Adele

: : PS I was talking to DT the other day and we both were surprised that this whole election thing hadn't blown up ages ago.....since she can't get online at the moment, she is sure in for a shock when she gets back!!

: I reserve the right to shoot any son of a bitc- that breaks into my home, and reserve the right to engage in armed revolution should anybody abrogate ANY part of the Bill of Rights. Moreover, I will resist any attempts to disarm me while the criminal element remains armed and a threat to me and mine, and I will take up arms against any government which would attempt to oppress me, disarm me, or otherwise tamper with the Bill of Rights. Is that plain enough? Gun control my butt. I'll tell you what good gun control is - placing a 1 inch group of six shots into the chest of the gang banger who would rob me and rape my wife. Clear it up any?

: Bill R
: (ending this discussion and taking my leave)


What has been cleared up is this stupid idea that I know the one......the idea that I could say something in a polite and non-provocative manner in order to stimulate the old grey matter and allow me to learn from the opinions and experience of others. I have tried very hard to think about what I post so that I remember the feelings of others, even in the middle of a serious discussion, but right now, I am tired, I am unhappy, and I don't want to do this anymore - even Huggy has her limits.


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