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Posted by Bill R on November 18, 2000 at 12:52:47:

In Reply to: Re: Emotion Control posted by Adele on November 18, 2000 at 12:21:58:

: : : right now, I am tired, I am unhappy, and I don't want to do this anymore - even Huggy has her limits.

: : : Adele

: : Now, now, dear Adele, don't go getting all tore out of your frame ... as they say in these parts. Wait. This is better. Don't go getting your knickers in a twist! Sound familiar? I just learned that one! Cheer up, kiddo. It all blows over in the end!

: : Anyway, WHAT don't you want to do anymore? Sensitive sorts like me could get the wrong impression!

: ~~~~~~~~

: Rich, you know that I come in here for a bit of fun, a bit of escapism and for 'higher education' from people with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I am in the middle of a war on the home front.....and I don't want to come here and be faced with another one. I can't, just not upto it right now. And yes, before you say it, I know that I am being hyper sensitive and over reacting - I guess this is just the straw that broke the camels back. When we have a serious discussion (which I really enjoy), I want to talk calmly and listen to what is being said by others, I do not want an opinion rammed down my throat when my own posts are not even being given consideration. THAT is what I don't want to do anymore.

: Sorry, maybe I started this, maybe MY posts aren't as sensitive as I would like to think, maybe I am not tactful enough, I don't know.

: All I know right now, is that I probably shouldn't be posting at all, because I am not upto it. And so on that note, I will stop.

: Thanks for your concern,

: Adele

Oh fine. Now I'm the bad guy again. I make a general statement on an issue, clearly state that that statement was NOT directed at any individual and apologize in a second post, and I am still "ramming an opinion down" somebody's throat.

I am sorry Adele that you take it personally. And by the way, I was not expressing an "opinion" I was expressing the rights given to my by LAW, MY Constitution, and God. Therefore, how on earth could it be directed against YOU? I guess what disturbs me sometimes is that folks think the 2nd Ammendment is even open to interpretation or "opinion". It is not an opinion. And therefore I was not debating your "opinion" voiced or unspoken, but stating my rights as a citizen under my Constitution. Those rights are not open to debate, opinion, or dilution. If the fact those rights are NOT open to debate and opinion troubles you
I really don't know what to say to you.

I have said it many times - every time I do voice an opinion or a principle held by me, other than play on the board, somebody gets in a huff - and it is usually somebody I care about a great deal. That is pretty frustrating for me. It confuses me. I am who I am. But am I allowed to be who I am in order to have friends, or must I have no opinions of my own in order to have friends? Whatever.

You have my sympathy for whatever troubles you are involved in right now. Hopefully when your stress subsides and things return to a less stressful status you will still consider me a friend.


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