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Posted by Ronnie on November 19, 2000 at 18:52:18:

In Reply to: Mohican Board Politics posted by Rich/Mohican Press on November 19, 2000 at 07:36:36:

: Straight & to the point ... please, don't anyone take offense. I am NOT directing this at any particular person(s). It applies to all.

: "This Board is not meant to be a political forum, though if the discussion pertains to
: The Last Of The Mohicans or the struggles & life ways along the frontier, it may
: NATURALLY progress into social and political realms."

: Posting NEW threads about political issues, unrelated to discussion originating from TOPIC, invites disaster. Please don't do it. I'd rather have a blank board than to have folks leave with their feelings hurt unnecessarily.

: "We welcome all opinions on these
: matters, however, should anyone persist in making over-zealous, inflammatory
: statements at the expense of others, be prepared to be challenged on your remarks."

: Politics & religion ... BOUND to cause over-zealous remarks. They are EMOTIONAL subjects. Like it or not, not everyone can sit there and calmly & openly discuss all phases of an issue. I know I certainly can't ... not at all times. Bringing up these subjects, unnecessarily, invites disaster.

: "This Web Site was created to be FUN!"

: It is not a current events forum. It's not a lot of things. It IS a forum to discuss "The Last of the Mohicans," the 18th Century, and frontier America. It is a forum to discuss this Web Site and all things related to it.

: " ... if the discussion pertains to
: The Last Of The Mohicans or the struggles & life ways along the frontier, it may
: NATURALLY progress into social and political realms."

: And that's fine. I'm not saying opinions can't, or shouldn't, be expressed on controversial issues. Just let them flow NATURALLY from the TOPIC.

: " ... this Mohican Board will periodically be cleaned
: and maintained. We will purge messages based on RELEVANCY and age. Please
: remember to keep your messages related to the topics."

: We've been VERY lax in this regard ... not wanting to offend anyone. Expect us to go back to our original premise. Storing messages UNRELATED in any way, shape, or form to the expressed intent of this Board serves no purpose.

: Look ... we're all adults. We cannot reasonably expect everyone to agree on anything. It is not realistic to expect everyone to remain calm when discussing explosive issues. It isn't going to happen, friends or not. Use your heads! Invariably, SOMEONE is going to take offense. There are people here from all different backgrounds, various parts of the World. Add the uncertainty of the "posted" word, and ... well, you know the rest. Someone WILL get offended. Maybe me.

: So, here's my stand on these, and other issues, in case you're wondering ... and want to offend ME.

: I didn't vote. For the first time, in a Presidential election, I didn't exercise my RIGHT to vote. I believe both candidates are morons. The Party Platforms are split as to my beliefs. I couldn't make a choice.

: - I believe in the integrity of the Constitution and hold our Founding Fathers in VERY high regard.

: - I am against the death penalty.

: - I am opposed to abortion.

: - I am against strict gun control.

: - I agree with the Democrats, though, on issues of public assistance & labor policies.

: - I love animals, but don't believe they deserve more respect than humans. They are food.

: - I am Catholic.

: - I respect the Earth.

: - I DISDAIN anything I perceive as "Political Correctness."

: - I root for the Dallas Cowboys, have since 1966, and will till the day I die. Jerry Jones or not!

: Now, I could take ANY ONE of those subjects, begin a thread, and EASILY start a fight. Or, you could. Why? This is not the forum. If, however, the subject comes up NATURALLY in a discussion on TOPIC ... well, then ... there's a time for everything.

: If this Board causes you stress, you should try it from THIS end!

Now, just wait a minute, Rich!! I've been a GREEN BAY PACKER fan since 1966 (we watched the game together) and ALWAYS will be! Now, how about an argument!!!!!! -Brother Ron

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