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Posted by Kate on November 27, 2000 at 19:32:21:

In Reply to: Re: A Dispute! posted by Kate on November 27, 2000 at 19:15:35:

: : : : : Hello everybody, and apologies if this has already been discussed. I diligently searched the archives and was unable to find anything to clear this up any for me!

: : : : : We rented The Patriot and did not see our Eric Hurley, Soldier #2, can anyone tell me whether he made the final cut and if possible, what scene I might look for him in?

: : : : : Also belated congrats for the wedding celebrations of Eric and Sharon, the web-invite was wonderful and looks like it was a joyous day!

: : : : : Claudia

: : : : *****

: : : : Nope .... no Soldier #2 to scout out. Besides Mark Baker's participation, The Patriot also includes the presence of our own "Colonial Joe" Hinson.

: : : : Speaking of cute little war flicks, has anyone seen Russell Crowe's performance in The Gladiator? Great film! Michael Mann was, at one point, planning a film on the life of Julius Ceasar, in which Russell Crowe was to portray the lead.

: : : : E

: : : >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

: : : Hi Elaine,

: : : Funny you should ask that. I just sat and watched it for the first time last night and to be honest, I was SO disturbed by the whole thing, I was ready to take the DVD back 15 minutes into the film. But I decided that, as I had spent good money taking it out, I was going to darn well watch the whole thing, plus the extra disk covering the making of the film!! :o( Actually, I kept thinking 'it MUST get easier'.

: : :
: : : It never did. I'm not saying that that wasn't how life was back then, that life didn't seem to be worth much - just that I found it REALLY HARD to watch. I found the *making of the film* fascinating, Russell Crowe was certainly fantastic, the storyline was soooo poignant, and certainly the film was very well put together, but - nope, don't think I could watch it again.

: : : Still affected by it,
: : : Kate.

: : ****
: : Hiya, Kate -

: : I think I can understand that. Its subject is disturbing & the film's depiction of the times is realistic, graphic, & effective.
: : Yeah ... it can be very disturbing. Life WAS worth very little to the mobs of Rome, the people WERE easily appeased & controlled with 'bread & circus' - This was post-Pax Romana & the film is a good look at the decline of the Roman Empire. (There is, of course, a lesson for the modern world ... so, I think it's good that it is disturbing.)

: : Okay, Kate - it's historical fiction, but with a strong factual plot base. Connection to Scotland? When Marcus Aurelius was a child, he caught the unfortunate *eye* of Emperor Hadrian. We know how Hadrian feared the highland Picts! Ever wonder how terrifying it must have been for a Roman Soldier to be posted as sentry along that wall? Now, THAT was a frontier!

: : Haven't seen the DVD yet - I look forward to it, though, as I've heard it includes a lot of edited scenes.

: : Elaine

: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

: Yes, Elaine, the DVD IS good, with the extra disk covering the making of the film, interviews with the cast, the writing of the score - and the deleted scenes. It takes about another 2 hours or so to watch. It REALLY WAS very interesting! You can watch 'the cutting room floor' scenes with or without a commentary by the director and it is interesting to hear why certain scenes WERE deleted.

: Yes, I know that the film does depict pretty much how life was in the Rome of that period - therefore, I understood the necessity to portray that time in such a graffic and realistic manner. It really was just a 'personal' thing - I *personally* found such violence and brutality difficult to comprehend and the whole story so heartrending. You're right - while I found the film difficult to watch, it served its purpose. It reminded me and, I hope, many others that it's a fine line between the animal instinct (to kill without pity) and human compassion. And that that fine line can insidiously be eaten away until we don't find that kind of violence offends us any more. I found that scary.

: As for Hadrian fearing the Picts, well - I'm not surprised!! You can't even IMAGE what I'm like when my dander's up!!! :o)

: Kate.


'And that that fine line can insidiously be eaten away until we don't find that kind of violence offends us any more.'

Sorry, just wanted to clarify that sentence. On reading that over, I felt perhaps my meaning could be misconstrued. I was actually referring to the Romans of that period 'stepping over that fine line' till the violence didn't affect them anymore. I think it IS good that it 'disturbs' us so that the modern world isn't so inclined to let the same thing happen, though of course it IS happening in many places around the world. There always WILL be violence, but I think it's no bad thing to be reminded of where violence and brutality can take you.

Please don't get me wrong, I CAN understand folks liking the film. Essentially, *I* thought that, as a film, it was good. I just know that I would always find it very difficult to watch.




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