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Posted by Seamus on December 11, 2000 at 05:14:10:

In Reply to: Re: The Rise ... and the Decline & Fall ... of Mohicanland posted by Dr. Uncle Mark on December 11, 2000 at 04:42:34:

: Rich...

: First off, I don't know if I speak for Brother Gunn or Cousin Seamus in what I say here. And, I will try to be "to the point" with my comments.

: It has almost been a year since I first ran across this site. With the first post of "Morning Dress" written by Many Flags, what we now call the MacWilliam Chronicles, was off and running. Seamus, Davey and I never planned to write the Chronicles but your site gave us the vehicle to do that. For that, I will always be thankful.

: Our primary objective with the Chronicles has been to educate and entertain. With some postings we have also learned. As reenactors, we tend to know a lot about the Seven Years War (like an old TV line...No brag, just fact..), so we tend not to ask a lot of questions about this time period, but we are always willing to answer queries.

: As for questions about the movie LOTM which got this whole thing started for you and others, we have watched the movie many times. It is, in my opinion, the finest movie ever made about this time period, although in the eyes of reeanctors, it is not perfect. However, how many times and for how many years can one dissect a 90 minute movie? Among yourselves, the folk of Mohicanland, you have probably gone over every second several times. So, it is for the visitors which you are here, to answer their questions when they pop in, which you all try to do.

: All the "musings", "around the town", and all the other links and extras...these give interesting sidelines to the main info about LOTM. There are parts of the site I do not understand and never will, there are storylines which I don't understand the link to LOTM (the Gnome jokes, the Hector and Paddletail, etc.), but that's OK, because I was not here at the beginning. There are parts of the MacWilliam Chrons which people don't understand, but we Cousins hope you learn more than what LOTM can offer by reading entertaining stories with F and I history mixed in.

: Rich, you must do what you believe is best. I believe the Board allows all of us to daily contact people who have the same interests we have. I believe the Board allows us to leave our mundane lives behind and be creative (that's why we reenact also). I know the Board allows us MacWilliam folk to make up stories about people, who to us, are very real; and those "people" we use to educate and entertain others. Without the Board, a very important part of my reenacting life never would have been created.

: Although my advise is that you keep it all up and running, that is a selfish comment; the Board for you and your family is a lot of work. I understand that very much. I hope the Board continues and I hope it is there for the MacWm. Chrons to continue. I check it every day and post several times each week. I would miss it greatly.

: Pax Aye!

: Dr. Uncle Mark



I would echo Dr. Uncle's comments, for I, too, have found great enjoyment, entertainment, education, frustration, and many new e-mail friends whom I cherish, and one, Pvt. Chauncey, whom I have met, through this vehicle. I, too, do not "get" some of the Postings, but I have not been a Mohicanlander ( If I may consider myself so...) from the outset. My knowledge level is above the average on the Seven Years War also, and am prone to answer rather than ask questions or volunteer educational information through my writings. I am forever deeply grateful to you for allowing the Kittanning Expedition and Lt. Col. Armstrong's Journal to have the exposure it does.

The MacWilliam Chronicles has developed into one of the most pure fun things I have ever done, and, I would hate to see it lost. Nancy, the dark haired lass, who teaches English and is an expert in her own right in the Composition field, has been totally amazed at what comes out of our heads and shows up on paper. (Guess which ones she likes most?????) I have been just entirely too busy with some things of late to write much, but hopefully, that will soon change. We...the characters of the Chronicles...have wondered aloud to each other whether our offerings were really doing what we intended them to do, because of the seeming lack of response. But you have answered that, and now we know that we are appreciated, and that has provided the impetus for us to dig deeper into our minds for material. From a purely selfish point of view, Keep it alive, Rich.

I also understand that you must do what you must,for your own, (and your loved ones') sanity, and I will not chastise, criticize, hate you forever, nor stop being a LOTM fan if you choose to shut 'er down....but my lawyers will be demanding a recount.

And if it would help...the MacWilliams, all of us...stand ready to "pay a visit" to those who bug you most!

Pax Aye! and Pax AYE!!


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