Re: The Rise ... and the Decline & Fall ... of Mohicanland

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Posted by Cpl. MacWilliam on December 12, 2000 at 13:37:49:

In Reply to: Re: The Rise ... and the Decline & Fall ... of Mohicanland posted by Danalee Lavelle on December 12, 2000 at 12:31:37:

Your point is noted. I don't believe that Seamus, Davey and myself, the good Dr. Uncle, Flags, Tales, Uncle Quasi (oh, you know...all those fine people!!!) think of themselves as wanna be writers....we just enjoy making up some exploits, like a lot of the other characters in Mohicanland, and tying them in to actual 18th century history. This tie to actual history is VERY important to us, for as I stated before, we want to educate and entertain. I suppose we do go on and on and on....sometimes.

Probably our own website would be good, but I believe we add to Mohicanland and if this site is dedicated to LOTM and colonial history, then we think we belong right here, right where the MacWilliam Chronicles came to life.

I will tell you this. Seamus, Davey and myself (and all the rest) put info into our "fiction" so that people can ask and learn from it. We have rarely had anyone question the facts we put in, or question any parts of our "fiction". We welcome questions, comments, etc. concerning what we write, so that everyone can learn more about these most fascinating parts of our history. And actually, I think of ourselves as more than reenactors, for we live the 18th century life, hunt, dress, etc. at every opportunity we get, not just for scheduled reenactments. It is a lifestyle which we believe is typified by our "fiction" and parallels LOTM lifestyles. I suppose that's why we believe this is the best place for it, instead of our own website. I am sorry you have to wade through our stuff sometimes.

Pax Aye!


: : Okay, Gayle, I'll get specific. I was trying to be subtle, not tacky. I don't think this is the proper forum for wanna be writers to publish their fiction. Yes, the fiction may fit the period, but the amount of space that certain posters take up with their continuing sagas does not interest me. Far better if those posters were to set up their own website and see what it takes to maintain their own website than rely on someone else to do the work for them. I've done my own website before and it is a pain in the you know what. A discreet post saying something like 'if you like this, visit www.... for more' would be more acceptable to my way of thinking than post after post after post with another letter from Corporal so and so... Specific enough?
: My opinion only, of course....

: Danalee

: : : From Rich's post: "
: : : Now, look the Board over ... it's a series of "Thoughts For The Day" (thanks, Adele ... effort duly noted!) & personal congratulations and the like. Nothing wrong with that - in fact, it's a necessary ingredient for a healthy Board - except that that's ALL it is. Where is "Mohicans"? A visitor can pop in here on any given day & find nothing at all that relates to "The Last of the Mohicans." Nothing. Why come back? Thank God for the MacWilliams boys, or there'd be almost nothing to link us with 1757. Is the topic used up? Impossible. We implemented the "6 Degrees" concept, in jest, a long time ago [See our page "Six Degrees To LOTM"], as a way of encouraging your creativity in tying in the subject to just about anything. The topic has been here since 1757, and we've expanded it. WE think of stuff to say; we add new things to the Web Site. It has deteriorated to a point where there are all followers and no leaders. I get this picture of everyone just sitting there waiting for something to happen, instead of making something happen ... as it once was. Another interesting aspect ... our E-mail is often VERY thought provoking. Much of it from POSTERS! All kinds of topics. Great DVD comments, insights from movie people. Questions. Comments. If only it was posted here ... but then, I sense it doesn't really matter. When topics are brought up that I, at least, would expect might generate discussion ... they usually just lay there these days, untouched. I feel sorry for newer folks like Jeri & Christina who really missed out on how wonderful it used to be here."

: : : Hmmmmm. I guess I'll have to admit to some disappointment over the past six months and Rich hits the issue on the head. While what is posted seems very cheery and uplifting, it is what used to make this site unique that has gone amissing. No offense, but I also got tired of the serial exploits of various fictional characters provided by one (or more) participants on the board. Nothing personal but it seemed like self-aggrandisement to me. It is alot to wade through when one doesn't have much time. I'm always afraid of missing something pertinent to the movie, the book, the cast, etc. if I don't check every string. Anyway, thanks for listening to my two cents. I love Rich and Elaine to death and I think they deserve better than the grief upkeep, etc. of this board demands of them...

: : Dear Danalee,

: : This a good start to a discussion of what people enjoy or not on the Board. The thing is, it is important to be specific about what you do or don't enjoy so we can keep the Board hopping and include a little something for everyone. My question is, since all the characters on the Board are fictional, including the characters from LOTM, what serial exploits did you get tired of, and why did you get tired of them?

: : Gayle

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