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Posted by Miss Katie on December 12, 2000 at 21:04:23:

In Reply to: Re: Gather the Citizens! posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on December 12, 2000 at 18:47:37:

: : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : MISS MARCIA! It's so good to see you trudging up the steps to the Tavern - here, let me help you with that load of baskets and bowls you've got there. My! you have done yourself proud. Benton just came in with She and Hector, and I must say, those two wanderers are looking mighty ragged and tuckered out. Bent's got them huddled over by the fire trying to thaw them out. She's got twigs frozen in her hair that must have been there for the last week, and Hector is a.ready sucking up his second bowl of hot rum punch.

: : : : Dweebie and Uncle Wiscone went down to the canoe to bring up the load of meat She brought back, and it's all frozen solid in one big lump - pelts and all. We may have to cook it all at once, or else turn it over to Doc Mary's Hurons to hatchet it apart for us!

: : : : Now, you just put those lovely smelling biscuits down here on the table - here comes Bent with a mug of hot toddy for you - oops, watch that patch of snow on the floor. Must have dropped off Hector's coat . . . careful! DON'T SLIP!!

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


: : : My, my, my...lookit those purty little bluebirds, flittin' round my head. Don' believe I've seen bluebirds in Mohicanland THIS time of year before. An' those lovely dancin' stars...ooooh, how sweet. Why I could just reach right up there & grab one...ARRRRGH!!! Maybe not. Maybe I'll just lie right here & admire them. Hmmm? What's that? Who's that bendin' down over me? Why, Miss Gaylee Cooper...however did you get those stars in your hair like that, and those birdies flyin' right 'round your face, Dear? What's that? Am I okay? Well, I reckon...though I'm not quite sure how I came to be lyin' here on the floor in the middle of Bumppo's. Do you suppose you could give me a little hand up? Thankee, Dear...Ooooomph...easy now...just let me get on my feet here. That's better. Now, I'll just lean on your arm a mite and make my way to that chair there. I do believe I've pulled a muscle in my back, twisted my arm, sprained an ankle, and knocked a knot on my head. Let me ease myself down into this seat, and have a couple noggins o' that buttered rum to ease the pain a bit.

: : : *sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp!* Ah, that's better. I can hardly see those bluebirds any more and the stars are definitely winking out one by one. But I DO feel a few more twinges in my back and my arm's a-painin' me. Do you think you could bring me a bit o' that mulled wine, and maybe some spiced cider? Oh, and a mug o' Red's Squeezin's would go down smoothly, sartain.

: : : *slurp, slurp, slurp!*

: : : *hic!*

: : >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

: : Miss Gaylee, Miss Marcia,

: : I have heard the call!! And I answered! So - here I am! With quilts and blankets aplenty, to help thaw out poor, frozen 'She...'!! Miss Marcia? You listenin', girl?? What ARE you doing on the floor?? Miss Gaylee, Miss Marcia hasn't been at the you-know-what already, has she?? Why it's ONLY 4:30 in the afternoon!! She slipped? Well now, it's not that I doubt your honesty, Miss, but from the smell of her breath, I'd say it was more a case of 'slipping' some o' Red's famous squeezin's down her neck!!

: : Howsever, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure.... Miss Marcia, do I smell your famous Downhome stew?!! I DO!! I'm SURE I do!! I'm just not sure what you have IN it!! Why we ain't - oops, beg pardon, HAVEN'T had real meat in quite a spell!! Can't even IMAGINE what the base of that stew could be? Come to think of it, it's quite a time since I last saw 'Basil'...????

: : Anyway, it sure will be nice to see 'She..' again!! She's been gone too dang... darn... she's been gone too long!! I can't WAIT to hear what's been happening to that gal! You HAVE to feel sorry for her though - out in the wilds, surviving on berries and freezing up like a popsicle, and with just that lazy good fer nothin' hound, Hector to keep her company, and all through the love of that elusive Hawknose... Sparroweye... you know, that guy in the loincloth!! Doesn't the fact that she never finds him, tell her something?? Ah well, love is blind... *sigh*

: : Y'only have to look at that sight over THERE to catch ma drift, Miss Gaylee!! Is that Dweebie puttin his hand where I *think* he's puttin it??? Oh, the SHAME of it!! And Miss Marcia doesn't seem to be repelling his amorous 'charms' none too quickly, if you ask me!! *snort*!

: : Ah well, hope 'She...' won't be too long comin' in - I've got WORK to do, up to the 'Establishment' - I have a feelin it's gonna be a loooong, cooooold Winter and I've got to be ready!! Gotta get my 'beddin'' in order!!!

: : Miss Katie.

: Now, Miss Katie, don't be too hard on Dweebie. As ye can see, Sassy brought him in from the river with his head frozen in a block o' ice, and the rest of him blue as one o' Doc Mary's jokes. I THINK (I prefer to think) that the poor soul's just tryin' to get his hands warm. We'll give him the benefit o' the doubt, since his gifts are not those of yer standard average Mohicanland citizen.

: Let's put Hector on his lap and wrap the two of 'em in one o' yer fleecy blankets, and I daresay he'll warm up fast enough.

: As for Miss Marcia, I believe she has succumbed to an evening snooze in Sheriff Twigg's arms. Exhaustin' slippin' on snow, ye know. That little bit o' Squeezin's she put down has relaxed her more'n usual, I must say.

: What I want to know is, how are we goin' to get all that meat unfrozen from all those pelts and the blankets and the parched corn so I can distribute my Christmas offerin's to folks? That's what I want to know.

: She


'She...'!! Well, it's right nice to see you agin!! Come away in and have a seat by the fire!! That's right - stick those poor frozen tootsies o' yourn on the fender and thaw out a tad!!

Now you come to mention it, I DO see a block of ice on Dweebie's head - why am I not surprised?!! I'm almost afraid to ask what he done! As to the 'gifts' given that poor boy, it's almost as if God had a grudge agin 'im right from the go-get!! Still, as you say, you gotta treat God's 'special' children kindly... Git up on that lap I say, Hector. Good - now do your stuff. Get this poor critter warmed up before he contracts consumption, there's a hound!

As for Miss Marcia, that 'little bit o' squeezin's' has more'n relaxed her, She. Any more 'relaxed' and she would be doing her old 'rocking chair' trick again!! Funny how that woman can't set in a chair when she's had a 'little bit o' squeezins'!!

Anyway, back to your original question! And... a good one it is, She!! How to pry your load apart, hmmmm!! Well, I guess we could try... getting Simon Girty's Seneca brothers to hammer at it with their war clubs. Or... maybe we could get Doc Mary's Hurons to try chipping at it with their scalpin knives. Or - maybe The Wench has a hairdryer!! I reckon I will have to sleep on this one, She...

She? You sleeing there, She?? Oh well, I guess it's back to the Establishment and get my bedding done!

Sleep tight, all. *what am I SAYING!! *slaps head*
Miss Katie.

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