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Posted by Kate on December 16, 2000 at 10:32:20:

In Reply to: A Brief Discourse on Some of the Citizens of Mohicanland posted by MMMMarcia on December 15, 2000 at 18:55:13:

: In answer to some questions of late regarding the various characters living in the village known as Mohicanland...just let me say THIS about think you're confused NOW?? You ain't seen NUTHIN' yet!

: To the good Corporal and his allies in the Chronicles, think of "Mohicanland" as a similar fictional situation...only from an alternate universe! ;o) We started with a few characters who WERE linked to Cooper and/or LOTM, but they began to take on a life of their own, and strange friends and relatives began to appear in our quaint little community. Before we knew it, we had a pretty diverse assortment of folks living there. Mostly, our version of Mohicanland is strictly fun stuff, where we happily mix up the centuries and sensibilities with reckless abandon. But to help you sort it out a bit, here is a rundown on some of the characters.

: As Gayle posted earlier, She-Who-Tracks-la-Longue-Carabine is our resident female longhunter, always searching for her dream man (and mine), namely Hawkeye. She-Who-Tracks usually speaks in a Coopersian patois, and can frequently be found ruminatin' over Life's ironies whilst deliberatin' on the "gifts" of various other citizens in Mohicanland. (Some of these thoughts of She's will be more readily recognized by those who have actually read Cooper.)

: Hector the Hound is She's constant, faithful companion...a dog taken right from the writings of JFC, and made even more decrepit, smelly & old by his sojourn in Mohicanland.

: Sassy Soothsayer came about by accident when I (Mighty Mohican Mama REAL LIFE persona) was posting a tongue-in-cheek response to a thread about the absurdity of political correctness. (I believe we were discussing saving the famous three-toed icelandic amoeba at the time, and I posted a look into the future which pronounced that that very same amoeba had been elected president & was running the country hand-in-hand with the first amoebette.) I signed the post Sassy Soothsayer, as it was written in the form of a prediction. And suddenly, Sassy was born & began to flit about the village of Mohicanland, reading tea leaves, mixing potions, and getting into all sorts of trouble.

: Miss Marcia is the genteel & refined side of Sassy. Someone in Mohicanland has to take care of feeding the citizenry, and who better than the flower of Southern femininity, Miss Marcia, who has a cabin on the south side of town where she operates Miss Marcia's Famous DownHome Kitchen, wherein she serves up dishes like Grits 'n' Grease, Smashed Taters, and George RoadKill Armadillo.

: Benton (Just Call Me Bent) Twigg was a creation of Gayle's who came along courting Miss Marcia, and running for Sheriff of Mohicanland. He's a stalwart hero, through & through, though a bit soft-hearted where his Idjit cousin, Dweebie Day-Lewis, is concerned. Dweebie was dreamed up by Doc Mary during a battle between she & MMMM over Hawkeye. MMMM thought she had Hawkeye caught, well & good, but Doc informed her to look again. She was really holding DDL's moronic cousin, Dweebie Day-Lewis, who looks remarkably like Wally Cox, with coke-bottle glasses, stick-like arms, and a bb gun called Chipmunk Wounder. The good Sheriff and his pathetic cousin have been citizens of Mohicanland ever since.

: Miss Paddletale came about when Elaine made a comment on a thread that had gotten a bit hysterical (if my memory serves me correctly), and Paddletale was her take-off on Tattletale. Once she called me that, it seemed natural that Miss Paddletale move immediately into Mohicanland, and become the resident "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" Gal. Obviously with a name like Paddletale, she must be a DUCK, so that explains her quacking and squawking every time she gets upset over something.

: I cannot remember exactly which post began the history of the Gnome, but a village like Mohicanland HAS to have some wee people hangin' about, now doesn't it? And so the Gnome & his Gnomette moved under the toadstools down by the Glimmerglass and have been a happy addition to our countryside.

: Miss Katie O' Arbroath is a lovely Scottish lass (alter ego of our friend, Kate from Scotland, hence the name) who runs a quilt shoppe in Mohicanland. Bedding is her business. Just ask her, she'll tell you. And she's a dab hand with a needle, sartain.

: It's probably best to break these introductions down into bite-sized pieces, so I'll quit for now, having gone over my own personas & a couple of extras. But you can see that once Mohicanland was born, people began adding personas to the mix, bit by bit. Sometimes they sprang up as the natural result of a thread being discussed. Sometimes they were adopted by folks who just wanted to be part of the community, and who chose their particular characters based on their own likes or dislikes. Either way, the population of Mohicanland has grown over the last few years and for many of us has provided a real escape from the day to day humdrum world.

: All in all, Mohicanland very similar to the chronicles, only done strictly for laughs, and with no regard to accuracy at all. Hope that answers a few questions. Gayle & others, please jump in with more info on any characters you can think of. I'm sure Mohicanland means something different to each of us, and our individual perspectives & memories might help clear it up some.

: Oh, and Adele...the Huggy Merchant is a WONDERFUL addition to any community, if you ask me. And the Yengeese Strumpet is perfect for Mohicanland. Not to worry in that regard!


So, how did Miss Katie come to set up her Quilt Shoppe here in Mohicanland. Interesting question! (And I wish I knew the answer! :o)

Actually, as Miss Katie is fond of telling you, she comes from good, European breeding stock, dontcha know, which is a little hint as to her background. However, she does NOT actually give much away, as to what her background is. With her Scottish accent, we've got to conclude that somehow she/her family have been involved in the '45 Rebellion. After Culloden, families were forced to flee their homes and go into exile, at very short notice, and were not able to convert their assets into 'real' cash and as a result, died in penury, often on the Continent (Europe), France, Italy, etc. Some families, who were not so pressed to leave the country, were able to sell the family inheritance and buy passage on ships bound for the 'New World'. Miss Katie is one of these people.

With limited funds, she arrived in the colonies, on Board 'The Indenture' and after many weeks searching for a little place to settle down, she came on Mohicanland, batted her eyelids and got some strapping young Hurons to build her a cabin. But even genteel, high born ladies have to survive and therefore, must work. The only skills Miss Katie has cultivated and which are in any way helpful to earning a living, is the ability to sew. However, rather than the 'samplers' and lace kerchiefs that she would once have sewn, in Mohicanland she must sew practical things. And so, she decides - 'quilts' are the answer! She became Mohicanland's 'Bedding' professional! As she will tell you herself; 'I am a bedding professional! Bedding is my business! Indeed, bedding is what I do best!' This 'bragging' is really as much about reassuring HERSELF that, though she must now 'make a living', she CAN do it.

Unfortunately, Miss Katie is somewhat of an 'innocent abroad'. She goes on about the fine quality of her 'bedding', never knowing that these statements are actually double entendres and can be seriously misconstrued!! She can open her mouth, say something quite risque but with such pathetic innocence that no one has the heart to tell her what she 'could' be insinuating!

In many ways, Miss Katie is Cora Monro. She has been brought up in a completely different world, and the world which she has entered is quite foreign to her. But as many 'high-breds' could, when it comes to the wire, she has guts! When thrown into the 'colonial' situation, she is bewildered and 'does not understand what is happening here' but - she has guts and she WILL figure it out! She has what it takes to make her new life work - courage and the will to turn adversity into promise.

Miss Katie had just set up 'shoppe', when she entered into a little argy bargy with one of Mohicanland's rascals, beg pardon! citizens - the infamous 'Simon Girty' and his Seneca brothers. Miss Katie had to make it plain to the woodsman that though 'skulking around the back stoop' WAS acceptable, gaining entrance to her establishment via the windows and rummaging through her bedding was NOT on!! And Purloining one of her best quilts was DEFINITELY not to be considered!! However she and Simon 'struck a deal' - from time to time he would leave feathers to fill her quilts. Once the 'boundaries' were set, this very incongruous couple actually got on rather well! :o)

From that day to this, Miss Katie continues to work like a demon, (oh yes she does!!) making sure that there is a good supply of warm blankets to keep her new community snug through a long Mohicanland winter! She and Miss Marcia, the pillars of Mohicanland society, continue to sit on the verandah, sipping one or six mint juleps or a little TEE-KELA and runinating on the 'goings on' of the community. Of course, 'you didn't hear it from ME, but... 'Miss Katie is NO gossip and therefore, won't pass anything on. BUT trying to be true to her upbringing, 'standards' must be maintained and therefore, it becomes important that 'things' don't happen that can lower the tone of the community!! It sometimes behooves her to 'call a spade a spade'!! :o)

And to this day, she remains in Mohicanland, watching out, purely for the good of the community, of course!

There you are, a brief (?) summation of Miss Katie's background. But I'm sure there is much more to this woman than even *I* know about - and more to come! ;-)

'Clear it up any'?

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