Re: Thought for the Day and the !!!!!!! Snow.

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Posted by Bill R on December 20, 2000 at 17:54:03:

In Reply to: Re: Thought for the Day and the !!!!!!! Snow. posted by Christina on December 20, 2000 at 12:30:08:

: : : : When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip its point in honey.

: : : Huggy....

: : : Not sure if I agree with this...shouldn't truth stand by itself, on it's own integrity without having to sweeten it's taste? I know the adage, you can draw more flies with honey than vinegar.. and I have to admit, as a school principal, I use this frequently. Yes, and I guess I do try to sweeten truth for many people...but, maybe I would HOPE that people could accept truth for what it is. Our society today never wants to accept truth, I would like to always tell people....Hey, this is the way it is!! Accept it and move on....Even when I quote school district policy, state regulations, etc. to people, I often get arguements...Ok, I'm beginning to complain too much....someday, I can retire and just go play in the SNOW!!!

: : : Oh, that's the other thing....Yes, snow can be a pain, and esp. painful when accidents occur. We got about 6 inches last evening,and it's beautiful....I really enjoy snow...and I (Many Flags) is looking forward to hunting with Seamus at his cabin next week in the snow...!! Some of my best experiences have been while walking through a forest filled with several feet of snow, moccassins, breechclout, leggins, several long shirts, 60th RA Gren coat..etc. etc., hunting deer or squirrel in December and January. The snow tickling my cheeks (and not on my face!!) as I wade through snow drifts, scarf tied around my tricorn and loaded rifle in hand. Grease those moccassins, hone that skinning knife, fill that horn, cause I (ahhh, Many Flags) can't wait to be off next week wading through the white pure snow with the cold, brisk air swirling that white stuff through the forest. Just like Hawkeye and his Mohican brother and father? You bet, with a warm cabin and good comradeship at night. Pax Aye!

: : : Dr. Uncle Mark

: : Well now, Druncle Mark (sorry, still love THAT name), not to put too fine a point on it, but Huggy's thought for the day has more merit than you give it, methinks. Reconsider honesty at all costs:

: : *Yes, Dear, since you asked, that dress DOES make you look like the side of a barn. Accept it and move on...preferably to another dress.

: : *You voted for WHO? Only a brain-constipated moron would have cast a vote like THAT. I hope you will accept your genetic deficiency and move on, but try not to produce progeny.

: : I could go on, but I think you get my drift! ;o) Actually, Druncle, I'm just having some fun with you. I tend to agree that most of the time, people should be able to accept the truth for what it is...but that little bit of honey frequently makes it easier, no?

: : MMMM

: Got to agree with Marcia on this one, although I too value honesty. But for instance, lately at work, using complete honesty I would have had to use the following phrase: "Why, no, I DON'T agree with the idea to make all of us do three times the work for no significant raise in pay. That's the most pea-headed, mouth-breathingly idiotic thing I ever heard of. Who taught you management skills -- the banjo playing guy in 'Deliverance?' " etc. etc.
: So learnin' how to dip it in honey helps keep everthing nice an' civil down here in the wilderness of corporate journalism...
: Christina


Actually, he probably learned from the warden in Cool Hand Luke. Sounds like your mind just isn't right there girl. Must work harder. Or spend a night in the box. And justus in case you gets a leedle rabbit in the blood, and decides to run............

Bill R

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