Merry Christmas To All!

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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on December 24, 2000 at 05:13:01:

It's been a quick year ... come & gone in no time ... Here's hoping you're all in better standing now than you were when it began! Have a joyous Christmas!

Not a lot to talk about this AM, Christmas Eve, so I think I'll cover Gathering 2001 a bit. It's now closer to G2001 than it is to G2000. Yep! Less than 6 months away, and much to do!

Among the things that I have to do in preparation for this Gathering, is to make two field trips into the wilds of Mohicanland ... a very rough & tough job, but, hey, someone's just GOT to do it ...

Field trip #1 - Journey to the scene of the Elk Hunt, where I haven't stepped foot since probably 1993 when I took the photos for my "picture book." Can I still FIND these places?? Time will tell. From there, I'll travel down to Lake Lure to see exactly how long it really does take to traverse that route (the Program Guide people will just DEMAND to know!).

Field trip #2 - A trip to the Hendersonville area. I MUST (darn!) visit the River Walk Falls, be sure my bearings are straight, and check out the parking situation. Then, with the brand new DVD in hand (release date 1/23/01, for those interested ... this is a state-of-the-art audio/video release), I'll have to watch it at the Skyland theater & see how it translates to the big screen. They say they can do it.

Now, a dip into the Gathering 2001 mail bag ... I'll address some of the issues brought up in the responses to the latest survey ...

First of all, unlike most questions asked of you during the course of these surveys, the DVD versus 35MM thing is the hardest to get a handle on. So many wide differences of opinion. Let me explain one thing before I get into this ... Our ONLY reason for even suggesting that we view ONLY the DVD is financial. Not having to rent the film saves a lot of money. That in mind, I still haven't really seriously considered showing ONLY the DVD. It would have to totally blow me away when I see & hear it in the theater for that to become a serious notion. Even then, there are other things to consider. Many people have never seen the original theatrical release on the big screen. This is their chance (beat up as this copy is!) ... it IS a treat! There is something about 35MM film, I don't know if DVD will have the same effect.

OK, wide spectrum of opinion here, as I said. Three people, and this might warrant a Courier investigation, said exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way, "PLEASE, Don't Do this!" Do we detect a conspiracy? Note the capitalization pattern! Yes, I smell a rat! :) I would have to say that the question as to which version to show first met with the response, "Either way is fine" overall. Some were adamantly opposed to such an idea; that is, watching the movie twice in a row. But, after all, this is to be a Great MOHICAN Gathering! If not now, when? If not here, WHERE? Others were all for it & looking forward to the possibility. As with the 35MM version, some have never seen the DVD ... and want to. I don't know on this one yet. It would make for a fairly late night. A lot will depend on the quality of the projected image. The most sound response was represented by this, I think, "Regarding the question of which version to see first......I guess I want to put off the 35mm to last as I know I probably won't get to see it again. Save the best for last." I kind of agree.

Q: "I think the layout for the gathering is great, but I have a problem: my hubby wants to come, and I don't know how I am going to get a babysitter for 4 days. If I plan to just come and spend the time that I can(propably 2.5 days), is that ok?"

A: But of course! We would greatly desire, and do encourage, everyone to be there for all 4 days. One of the reasons we keep expanding this thing is to allow more time for everyone to really get to know one another, but, if you can't, you can't. Enjoy what you can!

Q: "When, if ever, are you going to reveal the name of the 'maybe' celebrity guest?"

A: Not till the bitter end! Of course, there may not BE a celebrity guest to announce.

Q: (sort of) "Just a tad disappointed with something. I was scanning the Gathering page, as you do when you're pressed for time but don't want to miss a THING!! And on reading 'Finalized. Chimney Rock Park...Coupled with the fine work and enthusiasm...' - For a minute I thought it said '... coupled with 'fireworks' and enthusiasm...' and had to reread it cause I'd never heard about having fireworks before! What a bummer - no fireworks! Ah well... can't have EVERYTHING, I suppose... :o("

A: Any volunteers? Only sparkle-type stuff is legal in NC ... Roman candles, etc. Jeez, would hate for anyone to be disappointed!

Q: "If the DVD is shown can the sub-titles be ran as well? For Sharon?"

A: An excellent argument for running the DVD! Yes, of course!

Q: "I wish Eric could be in uniform to greet everyone
coming in on Wednesday like he did the 1st year. I
really enjoyed that. It helped me find my way in a new

A: What do you say Soldier #2? We will definitely ask him to accommodate this request!

Q: "Hey! I think we should extend it to FIVE days and add in the Biltmore again! ;-)"

A: Maybe a full week? See 'em ALL!


A: I'm game! Ann?

Q: "When you begin taking reservations on February 1, 2001, must you receive reservation forms and cheques by that date?"

A: No. February 1, 2001, is our target date for actually announcing the package costs and begin to take reservations. There will be on-line forms available on that date. Fill 'em out, send 'em in. Those on our E-mail list will be notified directly when this occurs. We'll also announce the beginning of the sign-up period here on the Board. The usual scenario is this: A flurry of sign-ups early on, then a lull, then increased sign ons as the Gathering approaches ... usually a couple of cancellations open up a last-minute sign on or two. Remember, 80, maximum, for the theater.

And just a few comments:

"If possible the "tradition" of Great Mohican Gatherings should continue. It's such a wonderful event, a rarity to have something like this available ..."

"I am really glad I found the site and have the opportunity, because of your passion for the subject, to join with others in the Mohican experience. Thanks!"

"To the Great Mohican Gathering tradition continuing, you left off the choice of "OH MY GOD, Yes of course, I'll do anything, anything at all to help facilitate its continuation" ;-)"

"We are getting excited about this. As newcomers, I'm sure there is much to look forward to. I have made some contacts with some who have attended in the past, and they assure us we are in for a treat."

"I am reading this web site getting so excited. I can't wait ..."

"I think what you are doing is really neat. If you have the time and energy to keep something as fine as that piece of history alive then it is definitely worth doing."

"I can't wait! Sounds great!"

"You forgot one of the choices in the 'Should this 'tradition' of Great Mohican Gatherings continue' question - A BIG FAT YES! YES! YES! So, could you put me down for THAT one, when you add it to the questionaire? Mucho thanks."

"Thank you for all of your tireless work and for making this site and the gatherings such a wonderful experience."

... and thank you all for your enthusiasm!!!

Quick Notes: We will be out of touch, for the most part, in March ... working on the "Companion Guide." We will answer E-mail of import, & monitor the Board, if only to delete the Taiwan guys' ads, but nothing new will be added. During January & February, we hope to unveil our clickable F&I War Map, get our act together regarding the audio/video portions of this Site (we're getting new software) & add more clips, and The Courier WILL be going to press ... more!

Enjoy the Holiday! See you next time ...

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