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Posted by Vince on June 21, 2001 at 13:45:48:

In Reply to: Re: Bloopers - DO NOT READ - Contains Spoiler Info posted by Jo on June 21, 2001 at 00:31:29:

: : Bloopers, bloopers, I love bloopers. Here's some more we've discussed many moons ago on this chatboard. It's fun to go over
: : them again.

: : : (1) Elk Hunt - Man in Red (3:28)
: : : (2) Buses in Background (1:12:21)
: : : (3) Man in Blue Baseball Cap with White Megaphone (1:14:47)
: : : (4) DDL - Moving Wall (1:44:48)
: : : (5) Magua Right Leg White Cast (1:47:40)
: : : (6) When Chingacook pulls his war club out of the back of the
: : indian at the attack on the George road, the angle is wrong.
: : : (7) The earring is showing on the wrong ear when Uncas is shown
: : looking at Alice as she's about to climb up next to the
: : water. Reason why: This shot was added later and not filmed
: : at that time.
: : : (8) At the massacre you can see rifle's bending because some
: : were made of rubber.
: : : (9) Hawkeye shoots 2 indians at a time. One indian is shown
: : falling and his rifle is falling to the ground. Then when
: : Hawkeye runs by him the rifle is now on a rock.
: : : (10)When Duncan comes into headquarters to talk to General Webb
: : his hat is too far back on his head. Not regulation according to Eric Hurley.
: : That's all I can think of for now. Now you have to go back
: : and watch the film again and find em! Donna :')
: : : If anybody has any more bloopers then feel free to add to the list. Of course an honorable mention to Rich Federici (for posting the actual blooper pictures #2 & #3 online), Wes Studi (for his insider info #5) and all the other Nitpicking Mohican Gatherers for their astute visual insights.

: : : Regards,
: : : Vincent

: _____

: Vince,

: (the "tool guy" of the crowd, I swear, this guy had pens, paper, compass, water, you name it, he had it to give you if you needed it!),

: Not too sure if there're actually bloopers or if the "continuity" person decided to take his/her own walkabout on these days:

: Check out the two "bed rolls" that our hero's trade off carrying while trying to rescue the sisters; they eventually "loose" one;

: If Duncan was carrying dispatches to Fort William Henry, it would be nice if he actually had the roll of them slung over his back the whole time (or maybe someone else carried them for awhile)(my LOTM hubby has another theory, but that shall remain "off the board"....);

: And of course Marcia's and my personal favorite: Uncas gets in as the point man in the first fleeing canoe and where does he end up in the next scene? (or as Marcia believes, Hawkeye always got in first....but she's partial to a certain someone in long fringed buckskin);

: Chink jumps off into the water falls first, but ends up last out of the river. Slow swimmer, I guess. Or maybe the current wasn't as fast for him;

: There was something about the paddle in the canoe as it was pushed over the "falls" but I can never remember....

: A LONG time ago on the board, Eric H. asked us all what scene had the (background) actors/actresses using roller blades? (Not a blooper, but a fun one);

: We always waited to see the Nike tennis shoes, but they were pretty well camouflaged. (Or was it Addidas....?)(Never could remember...)

: There, Vince, that'll keep you busy. You've got two weeks.

: Jo
: who's got nothing better to do at the home front but watch LOTM over and over and over (such a task!) (darn!)
: or
: I've been on the board tooooo long.....



The "tool guy" heh?!? Actually you can never have enough "tools" & "stuff". I have also been wondering about why Chingachook was pulled out last. Maybe he's a slow swimmer around the River Bend...

There have been other movies (such as Shogun) where some of the actors were wearing their watches. Thought Eric H, AKA Soldier #2, said that Michael Mann was pretty meticulous about that. Mr. Mann asked if anybody knew what time it was & if there was a response then they would re-shoot the scene again. Regarding MMMM's favorite part - if memory serves me right - MM wanted Uncas to jump "ship" (actually canoes) but was not too successful. Hence, the above-mentioned disparity. Some very good points that my sleep deprived mind must have overlooked.

One thing that I have meant to ask is in the LOTM Soundtrack CD - What ever happened to The Glade - Part One?!? Apparently, it was not good enough to make the final cut?

BTW, Jo if you are ever bored on the homefront then give me a holler. We can start some vicious LOTM rumors like Alice & Uncas were both abducted by aliens and therefore did not die in the movie...


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