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Posted by Miss Marcia on January 23, 1999 at 23:31:28:

In Reply to: Re: Message to Simon Girty, Again posted by S. Girty on January 23, 1999 at 14:12:37:

Simon Girty wrote:
: Wado Miss Marcia!

>>And back atcha, y'all!

: I do have to report that last night, as I was eluding some pesky Colonials, that I came across a busted pair of thick lense glasses, and putting my tracking skills to use, came to this conclusion, that Dweebie stumbling in the dark tripped over an exposed root, smacking his head into a tree, breaking his glasses in half, and then tumbled down the enbankment into the river.

>>Oh, me! Oh, my! And goodness gracious, even! That sounds about right for that silly Dweebie! Always was a clumsy oaf!

: I did not see him along the riverbanks, and as the Colonials were fast approaching had to leave in haste.

>>Quite understandable. The rumblings and grumblings around this area have not been very favorable to you. I must admit, you seem to have a knack for ticking off the locals, to put it mildly.

: Does Dweebie know how to swim?

>>Good question. I, myself, consider the Dweeber to be somewhat of a lower life form, and as such, scudding around through murky pond water ought to come to him natural-like. However, a river is a different story, and it could be that his scrawny arms would have a tough time hauling his over-generous backside through any kind of swift current.

>>I sure hate to have to tell dear Benton that his nephew may be half way to the Atlantic Ocean by now, but a man's gotta bear what a man's gotta bear. Don't he??

: Since you have been so kind to me, I have presented some lavish gifts to my Shawnee brothers and asked them to keep an eye open along the riverbanks for Dweebie.

>>Thank you very much for that. It will give Bent some faint hope that if his pathetic nephew washes up somewhere, still breathing, maybe he'll be hauled out to dry & escorted to the vicinity of his home. Appreciate it.

: I'm sorry I couldnt bring you better news at this time.

>>I won't shoot the messenger...especially not over some predicament that lamebrain has gotten himself into. I'm just glad to have some word, no matter how grim.

: Will be by presently for the possum [and the cold shower ;-) ]...

>>Okeydokey! I'll not worry if I hear some splashing out by the shed. Enjoy the possum! Now I must get back to catchin' them locusts...daggum things won't sit still fer me, and I hate their wiggly, scritchy ol' legs! But I'm determined to keep my kitchen up to the minute on all the latest food trends, so I'll keep hoppin' along after 'em!

Yours Most Graciously,
Miss Marcia
PS...if you see a tall, wiry man with a mane of dark hair and a long, loping stride comin' up my walk, possibly carryin' some woodland flowers for me, you'd best make yerself real scarce. The Sheriff might be willin' to pay you a reward for Dweebie's return, but if he ran smack into you, face to face, he'd be forced to take some sort of bein' a murderin' renegade an' all. A word to the wise...

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