Re: Alarm and Consternation

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Posted by Doctor Mary on January 29, 1999 at 07:38:43:

In Reply to: Re: Alarm and Consternation posted by Miss Marcia on January 28, 1999 at 22:41:54:

: S. Girty wrote:
: : >>Miss Marcia,
: : I do thank you, and look forward to the Possum Surprise...

: You're most welcome, Mr. G.

: (Miss Marcia:) : By the by, Old Crone seems to think you and I have something "going" here, if you get my drift. Don't know where she got an idea like that, but I'll straighten her out later.

: (Simon Girty:) >>I was taught that a man never told on a lady *hehe*
: : ;-)

: Sound advice, indeed!

: (Miss Marcia:) : The real problem is that there Dr. Mary person...she's been tellin' folks right and left that you & she were gonna have a Super Bowl Weekend in more ways than one, flounderin' around together in something she calls her "hottub!"

: (Simon Girty:) >>Hmm, ol' Simon could use a warm bath for once *grin*

: Oh, and NOW we're gettin' particular, eh? The cold water from my pump ain't good enough???

: (MM::) :, but...if I were you, I'd run FAR, run FAST from Dr. M, or you're liable to find yourself in hot water of a whole 'nuther kind! I know SOME men find those spike heels & leather outfits of hers irresistable, but she's nuthin' but trouble, I tell you!

: (SG:) >>I thank you for your concern, Miss Marcia, but dont'chya worry yourself any, this ol' renegade has made it this far, besides, with a description like that, you got me a tad bit curious, t'aint often we see somethin' like that back in the hollers.

: Well, don't say I didn't warn you! An' remember, curiosity killed the cat...I made that up, but you can use it in future conversations, if you like. Just give me credit.

: (SG: )[By the way, what are spiked heels?]....

: Dee-vices of excrutiating torture, invented during the Spanish Inquisition, which, if displayed properly in conjunction with a well-turned ankle, can cause a good man to go plumb berserk!

: (SG: )>>Miss Marcia, again, I thank you for the concern, its been a long time since anyone cared for this renegades scalp [other than liftin' it]..... and thanks for the salted hog jowl, I swear, with your fine cookin', if I wasnt out raidin' & pillagin' I'd add another 20 pounds to my frame ;-)

: Some say that's the way of it, but myself, I believe there's no problem so great that a whompin' big bowl of grits 'n' grease won't solve it. Yessir...home cookin's the answer to EVERYTHING that's wrong in the world, so y'all just chow down now, y'hear?

: Yours Most Graciously,
: Miss Marcia
: PS...if you DO decide to pay a visit to Dr. Mary, watch your coins carefully. I hear she's always lookin' to acquire a few more dollars, anywhere she can find them, in order to finance another business venture: Mistress Mary's House of Leather 'n' Lace (Motto: We'll have you BEATEN from the fort...but only if you pay top dollar!)

Dear Miss Marcia:

"We'll Have You Beaten From This Fort????" Hmmmmm. I like it!
I like it!! All is forgiven! Let us not to the marriage of
true minds admit impediments like Mr. Dirty Girty. Leave him
to the Crone...I hear it's been awhile since she's seen any
action. As a peace offering, I'm sending Dweebie out to your
cabin with a sack of squirrel innards so you can fry up some
justly famous Squrrel Fritter Flambe for the weekend. I would
send Mr. Poe, but the poor man has the collywobbles and a
fever, so I have prescribed a strict regimen of bed rest for
him...lots and lots of bed rest.

Yours in Peace and Sisterhood,

Doctor M

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