Feminine Gifts

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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on February 19, 1999 at 13:23:51:

Sassy wrote:

I suppose laces & the like are all right for them as has Feminine Gifts, doncha know; howsever, I've always thought of you as a
woman with a closer tie to nature than that...this would be a Whole New You, wouldn't it? And how the heck do you plan to
continue tracking La Longue Carabine wearing those frivolous dancing slippers? Last I heard, the Deerslaying One wasn't
hangin' around on no steenking ballroom floor!!

Dear Sassy,

Now what makes ye think La Longue Carabine is not moved by Feminine Gifts? Seems I been overlookin' that there's differnt gifts He Who Oversees All shuffled off on us frail, feeble females from the ones He's awarded to them strong, noble creaturs He made in His own image. Jes 'cause I LIKE wearin' buckskins and paddlin' my own canoe don't exactly mean that's what Deerslayer is gonna come whoopin' outten the woods fer, no it don't. I heerd that Judith Hutter flounced around him in a fancy brocade gown one time, an' the younker was so dumbstruck he uttered nary a word for nigh onta two minutes. Now THAT's a Gift!

After all, Deerslayer isn't as young as he usta be; no he's not. I heerd that after a few years o' ripenin', he went back to the Glimmerglass, he did, an' found one o' Judith's hair ribbons clingin' to a bush an' tied it to his rifle stock. I always wondered what that mouldy string was that he kept gittin' caught in his teeth every time he tried to aim at somethin'. He figures he made a big mistake lettin' that filly git away, an' I aim to capitalize on his larnin', yes I do.

Hope ye'll be at Miss Marcia's feast, so ye can tell me what ye think of my new hairdo. I have an appointment this weekend at the new Huron salon - I think they call it "The Cuttin' Edge". Plan to get one o' them perfessional scalp massages an' come out with a whole new look. Sure hope the Mohicaan Bountyess can find me some o' them new French shoes with the high heels. Been dyin' to try them things.

She, etc.

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