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Posted by Courier Editors on March 02, 1999 at 19:30:43:

In Reply to: Letter to the Courier Editors posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on March 02, 1999 at 11:34:49:

Dear She-Of-Many-Fashions,

": Jest got through readin' yer Editor's Note in yer latest edition, an' I must say, ye've got yerselves all stirred up over nothin'. First off, ye never yet seed me in a corset! I got no thoughts o' joinin' them Mass o' Kissed Women, er whatever they call therselves. No passel o' beaus is worth goin' around lookin' like a trussed chicken!"

We are very relieved to hear of your opposition to mass o' kiss'em. Those 'broken in two' women can't possibly survive the rigors of frontier living.

": Second, ye lost the trail sudden-like when ye got t' thinkin' that Mr. Girty and Sheriff Twigg is objects o' my affection. I got one mission in life, and that's to find La Longue Carabine and jog his feeble memory on the facts of his life. What facts is sumpthin' only Sheriff Twigg knows, and he's not tellin'."

You've confused us here, She. If we recall correctly, you 'mass o' kissed' yourself for a bit to please Ol' Simon. Weren't you hobbling about Miss Marcia's dinner party in French heels & 20 LBs of ruffles just to catch the roving eye of Mr. Girty? Didn't you inquire whether or not Mr. Girty had a flare for flaming redheads? Have we misunderstood your objectives?

"As to Simon Girty, well now, you jest leave that boy alone. He's a high-spirited lad with a talent fer horse thievin' an' barn-burnin', an' I say if them's his gifts, he oughta make the most of 'em. Besides, he got me a eagle feather. The younker kin do no wrong."

Oh, we agree! He's a good boy, no doubt. We have a mutual agreement (don't we Simey?).

": Now I gotta go sweep out the cabin fer that meeting of the CCCC. Grindin' all that corn fer dinner sure left a mess on the floor. Havin' jest one moccasin, I never woulda got it done at all, but luckily, them French heels is good fer more than jest breakin' up ice in the wash bucket."

We have no desire to keep you from your work, She. You just go right on sweeping & grinding & pounding & cooking. It'll all be worth it when the English Trader brings you the King's tea! Do keep us informed of the meeting's progress!

And, She ... do keep out of trouble. The Wah-Ta-Wah Warrioresses may need your tracking skills.


The Courier Editors

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