Re: I pity the fool (without a sense of humor)!

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Posted by Marlitta H. Perkins on March 17, 1999 at 14:59:11:

In Reply to: I pity the fool (without a sense of humor)! posted by Mr. T Kilbane on March 17, 1999 at 08:44:02:

: Mr. Marlita,

Well, uh...first of, that would be "Ms." Marlitta ( and watch the double "t")

: As I read your post it came to my attention that my attempts at humor were overlooked.

*Sorry...attempts to be funny at the cost of others deserve to be overlooked.

What I wrote was supposed to be funny!

* see above...

I have seen those films dozens of times and eventually I noticed some rather humorous and unintentional glitches on the part of some of the participating reenactors.

* Well, seems to me that's why the film industry employs folks that "edit" movies??

Also since when did the hobby of reenacting become some sort of sanctified pursuit that it is above a little ribbing?

* First off, and obviously this escaped your attention...its hardly considered a "hobby" by most reenactors who are serious about it. I'd suggest ya quit talking to those guys wearing Reeboks...;-)
For another, we rib each other all the time and don't mind. When it comes from someone that doesn't have a clue about what we are doing and what we are all about and doesn't know his a** from a hole in the ground, well...its hardly appreciated.

When you think about it the sight of overweight, middle-aged folks attempting to portray malnourished, exhausted, young soldiers is funny!

* As I said before, your description of young, malnourished young soldiers fits a good number of men back then, but on the other hand, you had the other variety as well. Don't stereo type, either way, Mr. T!

: As for your challenge to join the reenactors?

*Wasn't my challenge, excuse! Gotta talk to Cap'n Champ about that'n...I wouldn't give ya the time o'day in my unit, Mr. T.

: "I reject the challenge! Cuz' reenacting is no challenge! But I will enjoy beating up on it some more!"

* Go ahead...I love when people make a fool out of themselves. I guess ignorance does have its good points, event though it's painful to watch..;-)

: "Hey Marlita! Hey Marlita! Why don't you come over here and get with a REAL hobby!"

: "Shut up, old reenactor! You know you are the one who has been ducking me!"

: What is my prediction for fat reenactors attempting to march a mile of open ground in July heat?

* Hey Mr. T! Why not make a few fitting comments about women in uniform too?? I know this would be too tempting to pass up (I've seen your kind...dime a dozen), so go ahead. I dare ya...;-)

: You wanted Mr. T! You got him!

* Well darlin'...sorry to say, but I don't want ya (I prefer REAL men that don't have to steal jokes from their alter ego.....;-) )

(Oh by the way, the above are jokes courtesy of the REAL Mr. T's, overlooked by the Academy, performance in the classic Rocky III.)

As far as having pity for the fool without a sense of humor know what they say,"Takes one to know one"..;-)

Ta ta...

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