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Posted by Miss Prim on January 12, 1999 at 15:36:04:

In Reply to: Re: Prim and Proper ... Our School Of Thought posted by Miss Prim on January 12, 1999 at 15:00:17:

: : : ": : The good news is that Doctor Mary's former patient and confidante, the neurotic spinster Miss Anne T., bequeathed to the Doctor a sizeable sum of money. 600 Pounds, to be sure! The gentle, loving Doctor Mary has in turn offered to donate 200 Pounds to our School! She said something about "guilt money", but, alas, I don't understand the reference. Nonetheless, My Dear Miss Prim, we're in the money."

: : : : : With warm regards,

: : : : : Miss Proper"

: : : : Oh my dears, I'm so terribly sorry to tell you I really really
: : : : meant to contribute that 200 pounds, but last night was Ladies
: : : : Night at Fort Edward and I'm afraid I stuffed it down the
: : : : loincloth of one of the Lock and Load dancers. It must have
: : : : been those tequila shooters -- not to mention the great gluteal
: : : : maximi of the third guy from the end -- that made me surrender
: : : : my judgement. You'll have to excuse me, but Dr. Mary must go
: : : : lie down and put cold camomile tea bags on her eyes.

: : : : Kiss! Kiss!

: : : : Doctor M

: : : Doctor M,

: : : I deeply regret hearing of your poor judgment. NOW what are we to do with these unbridled lasses? With all due respect, Doctor, you must've locked & loaded an extraordinary quantity of Tequila Shooters! If my memory serves me corr ... uhmmm, if what I've heard is correct, the third gentleman from the end, Mr. Maximi, was none other than General Webb doing his Mr. Huncas impression.
: : : Was he worth 200 Pounds?

: : : You might want to consider seeing a doctor.

: : : Sincerely,

: : : Miss Proper

: : : PS Just a tidbit of news for you, dearie. Mr. Webb has filed a complaint with the local Magistrate. He claims you stole his loincloth???

: : Good Lord! WEBB IS AT EDWARD???? How exceedingly odd! Is that
: : tiger-striped thing I found wrapped around my head this morning
: : a loincloth?? I thought it was one of my patented hangover
: : cures. Live and learn! I certainly would have thought
: : General Webb would have had more dignity than to bill himself
: : as "The Reee-allly Long Carabine" and shake his booty like
: : that! And for your information, Ms. Proper, I have already
: : sought medical attention for my condition, which can best be
: : characterized as The Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie-Woogie
: : Flu. Those few hours in the sweat lodge did wonders...and to
: : answer your question, you BET I've seen the Red Man!

: : Dr. M

: My Dearest Miss Proper,
: These latest developments have given me a chill and headache. I must have a cup of tea, put a cloth on my head and have a lie down. We should make room at our school for a few older wayward ladies of the "professional" elk.
: I quite agree that the subjects of sin and n**ed men should be addressed - frequently. As for including silk embroidery in the currculium, by all means, but French? French! the language of those natty dandies who make love with their faces and haven't the nature for war? All that Latinate voluptuous! I think not, my dear.
: Yours,
: Miss Prim
Than's curriculum and voluptuousness! I am shaken to the core.
Miss Prim

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