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Posted by S. Girty on January 22, 1999 at 21:12:48:

In Reply to: Re: Message to Simon Girty posted by Miss Marcia on January 22, 1999 at 09:19:02:

Miss Marcia wrote:
: While you are out a-skulkin' an' a-fightin', could you please keep an eye out for Sheriff Twigg's errant nephew, Dweebie Day-Lewis? The good Sheriff is somewhat worried that the poor fool has gotten himself captured by hostiles somewhere, or is wandering around the countryside, lost and pathetic, and would like to have him back again, though I can't imagine why!

>>Miss Marcia,
I will endeavor to do so, though if my Shawnee brothers find him first, I cannot vouch for his safety. As I am leading Wyandot raids upon those who dare tresspass into our Cain-tuck-ee hunting grounds, I will keep an eye open for him, and his scalp in place if I run into him....

: You'll recognize him when you see him...thick glasses, stick-like arms, looks a bit like Wally Cox, only meeker. I know this is not your usual type of endeavor, but I thought perhaps you'd make an exception in this a personal favor, kinda like? I'd be ever so grateful!

>>More possum?? And maybe a dry pallet in the corn crib?

: So would Sheriff Twigg, and it never hurts to have a Sheriff on your side, now does it?

>>Would said Sheriff pay a handsome reward?

: Oh, and try to keep that moron calm...the Dweebster is subject to asthma attacks when frightened. Pretty much has him wheezing all the time, doncha know!

>>Oh no! If my Shawnee brothers find him first & he starts coughing and wheezing on them, they most assuredly will lift his scalp!

: Thank you most kindly for any help you can give in this matter, and thank you, as well, for sparing my humble home from the torch.

>>For possum & a pallet, anytime! Wait 'til you see what I ask for next ;-)

: Yours Most Graciously,
: Miss Marcia
: PS...perhaps we'd better keep our little "relationship" a bit of a secret, what with your reputation, an' all. Some folks around these parts might get the wrong idea, and that can ruin a gal's good name. Not to mention that a few well-meaning citizens might even try to set up an ambush to capture your OWN self. Yes, I think we'd better be VERY discreet, if you get my drift.

>> Yes, you maybe right....with the raids my Wyandot & Shawnee brothers have been doing as of late, we do have them in a bit of a stir. I am not so much worried about myself, I can smell them some ways off, but I worry if they find out about the possum & the pallet, you may find your cabin burned down around your ears!

Below is a delicacy I obtained from my Cherokee brothers, I'll leave you some next time ;-)

[Simon Girty]

Gather the locust at night immeditely after they have left their shells.  Wash and fry them in a small amount of grease.  Eat these hot or cold.  Be sure that you gather the locust before the sun hits them or they will not be good.  If you gather them before they split out of their shells, they only have to be peeled to be ready to wash and fry.

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