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Posted by MMMMarcia on April 04, 1999 at 21:58:21:

In Reply to: RE: HAPPY EASTER, & ANN'S FAVORITE LOTM SCENES! posted by ANN W. on April 03, 1999 at 10:32:15:

Ann wrote:
: I don't like falling behind on my housework and I also have a part time job. I will try to post from time to time, as I really would like to become somewhat familiar with at least some of you before the GATHERING!!

Hi, Ann...sounds like you are definitely a busy lady, but I hope you'll keep an eye out for those few precious moments to visit Mohicanland.

: I post sometime on the Eric Schweig boards, but that is also rarely because of my lack of time. If there are problems on a board, I get really bored with it, and tend to back away.

I can understand that, believe me. I don't like to visit any site that's negative more often than it's positive. What's the point, eh? This should be an enriching experience, I feel, and luckily, almost all of my internet experiences have been, most especially all the wonderful people I've met through this board. Hope you will get to know and love us all, too, and find yourself blessed by many new friends, as well.

: You ask if I'm a Schweigger, or Daniel D Lewis fan.
: When I originally saw LOTM I went for DDL. After a few years I viewed the movie again and noticed Eric Schewig, and was hooked. Can't pinpoint what it is, perhaps his EYES and his particular spirit in his acting!

Ah-ha! You Schweiggers are a determined lot! You will find many who agree with you absolutely on this board and at the Gathering. For me, it will always be Hawkeye my eye follows in this film, but that's why they make chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, isn't it? Something (someone) for everyone?

: My favorite Eric movie is "Dead Man's Walk" where he plays "BUFFALO HUMP". In this movie I discovered another actor I really like (Jonathan Joss) who played "Kicking Wolf"!!

I haven't seen this movie, but I've heard about it. I'll have to check it out.

: As far as DDL, I enjoyed him in LOTM and "In The Name Of The Father".

Try enjoying him in The Boxer, Age of Innocence (shush, Elaine!!), or Room With A View. Wonderful films!

: My favorite parts of LOTM:

: Uncas seens of course, Oh may I add I also admire WES STUDI.
: I like the cave/waterfall scene, but like many, I wanted to see the Uncas/Alice love scene!! he he

Yes, many have professed a desire to see that, but while I'm curious about any scenes that were cut from the final version, I really have a hard time imagining Uncas & Alice actually making love at that tense moment when all their lives were in immediate danger. A kiss or caress, maybe yes, but do you think it makes sense that a girl like Alice would have chosen that moment to consummate a relationship with a man she hadn't spoken two words to? I'm thinking the way it was edited was much left unspoken. Like the final scene, when they just have Hawkeye & Cora gazing at each other, and he apparently asks her something to which she nods "yes." I like imagining what he might have said there.

: I must admit I wanted Uncas to live in the end, and end up with Alice, and they could have been one nice happy family!!
: Of course, this is MY fantasy.

And a happy one it is, too.

: I yelled at the TV when Uncas was thrown off the cliff, saying "NO, no this is not they way this goes!" ha ha

: Then when Alice jumped, my mind drifted and for a split second hoped they both landed safely in a tree, soft bush, or something, got up and ran off together!!! he he he
: See? A typical woman am I, loaded with the IMAGINATION!!

I'm picturing them bouncing up and down a few times in the ferny foliage...wheee! Except, of course, for that little part about Uncas being stabbed 37 times with a pointy implement of destruction! But maybe (as Monty Python once said) it was "just a flesh wound!" A little peroxide & a bandaid...good as new, eh?
Of course, then we have to rewrite Chingachgook's Last of the Mohicans Speech...somehow The Next-to-the-Last of the Mohicans just doesn't have the same ring! ;o)

If it makes you feel any better, Ann, Uncas has been seen skulking about Mohicanland on occasion. Maybe, should you decide to develop a resident persona, you might run into him....? Food for thought!


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