Re: New Neighbors....& Skulkin' in the shadows ...& A Note to S. Girty

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Posted by Miss Marcia on April 07, 1999 at 09:08:59:

In Reply to: Re: New Neighbors In Mohicanland & An Invite....& Skulkin' in the shadows posted by S. Girty on April 07, 1999 at 02:18:12:

Simon Girty wrote:
: >Siyo Miss Marcia,

Siyo, Y'all!

: ah' jes' returned t'other day frum visitin' with me Seneca brothers whom ah' aint seen inna spell... Ah' must thank ye' fer the Huk Yuk and Tang Who ya' left fer' me journae near th' corn crib...

Y'all are everso welcome!

: th' Tang Who really keeps tis' childs spirits up ['n the chill off] when mixed wit' rum n' a dash of gunpowder ;-) [best served away frum open flames]...

Thanks for the tip...should I ever decide to serve this lovely Chinese concoction spiced up a la Girty, I'll surely remember NOT to do so near a roaring fire.

: Ah' hear tell yar' havin' a shin-dig of sum' sort before much longer, rest assured ah'll be a watchin' frum th' shadows of th' forest, ah' dont dare hide in th' crib, as th' Sheriff 'n tis' new Marshal ah' heard tell about might poke thar' nose in fer' a looksy,

Yes, we will be having a little "do" Saturday afternoon to welcome Miss Katie of Arboath & Miss Adoo Addy to our lovely community. If I get the feeling we are being observed, I shall know exactly why, and will be certain my Benton is too busy to go strolling towards the woods. As for that Marshall Art guy, I just don't know what to expect. I guess we will find out what he's all about soon enough!

: ah'd hate ta' spoil yar' party wit' thar' screams as ah' lift thar' skelps, ya've been so kind ta' me already, Miss... ;-)

Thank you SEW much for this consideration. You are a most thoughtful man, for a thievin', murderin' renenagade, that is.

: Ah' must confess though, Miss, n' ah' know ya'll keep tis' betweenst us, but it was ah' that helped meself to a quilt frum Miss Katies shop. Me wool trade blanket was about thread bar' when passin' her open winder tonight ah' spied a most colorful quilt hangin' thar'...well, ah' couldnt resist my true nature n' ah' jes' had ta' take it...ah'll leave a couple *used* eagle feathers by way of payment on her back porch upon the 'morrow ;-)

Oh, my...I do hope Miss Katie O' Arboath isn't unduly upset when she finds her quilt is missing! I had thought to purchase several of those quilts myself, for my guest rooms, mainly; but I was of a mind to replace the old scrap of a horse blanket in the corn crib with something a tad warmer & more cheery for your comfort. I guess I needn't worry about that now, since you've taken matters (not to mention quilts) into your own hands.

: must go, Miss, ah've spent ta' much time in th' open already, as usual, if'n ya' hear an' ol' baer snorin' out yonder by th' corn crib, ya's know tis' me ;-)

I'll leave some vittles out back for you, and perhaps a jot o' rum, as well. I KNOW I needn't worry about a warm blanket for you!

: be shore ta' save a gallon of yar' mint julip fer' me! :-)

You can count on it! Sip it's a potent potable!

Yours Most Graciously,
Miss Marcia

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