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Posted by S.Girty on April 09, 1999 at 03:29:58:

In Reply to: 2nd Message for Simon Girty!!! posted by Kate on April 08, 1999 at 14:42:36:

Miss Katie wrote:
: As for actually removing said article - that kind of action simply cannot be tolerated, sir!! Before I knew it, you could be liberating the whole of my valuable stock, and passing it on to 'he-who-shall-not-be-named' up at the Trading Post for a long carabine, a war club, an earring which can be worn in either ear, and 3 wampum belts!! I know! I know! Fair exchange is no robbery!!

>Ahhh, but wit' th' exception of 'is thin trade-blankets, *he* 'as rather decent trade-goods [they do keep me Shawnee 'n Wyandot brothers happy --- of course, so does the pirated rum, frum whence Ah' sampled frum th' night in question involvin' yar' bedcovers ;-) ]...

: 'Doors', I hear you cry! 'What need have I for doors when I can shimmy in your window!'

>Aye indeed, Miss ;-)

: However, I am not altogether unsympathetic to your plight. I truly do understand the miseries of a worn wool trading post cover ('he-who-shall-not-be-named' should be ashamed of the standard of his goods!) Goodness knows I have been under one or two of them in my time!! Therefore, I am willing to consider payment by instalments - I shall expect to see you flitting in the shadows of my little shoppe at regular intervals!

>'ave ya' not found th' purse wit' the gold coins Ah' left fer' ya'?
I do confess that they are French in origin, but Ah' assure ya' that thar' Frenchie dont 'ave a need fer' them anymore...
Also find a small bottle of French perfume Ah' took from th' 'ands of his mistre....uh, neva' mind from whence it came ;-)

: However, I will not have you snooping around my stoop at night! If you get cold - use my Coop! and FYI, I do know the difference between *used* eagle feathers and chicken's clothes! The smell gives your little game away! Therefore, there must be no 'pawnee'ing me off with cheap poultry imitations!! *Used* eagle feathers is the price of the purloined quilt!!

>Ah' assure ya' Miss, Ah've since tuk a bath in yonder falls with a bar of soap Ah' found while riflin' thru that Frenchies baggage... smells rather nice, though some Britishers from the fort says Ah' smell like a French cathouse at low tide, whatever that means [?]....

: My quilts stand for quality!! I shall let you into a little secret, Mr. Girty - I am a PROFESSIONAL! Bedding is what I do!! In other words, bedding is MY BUSINESS! And I must preserve my reputation for quality covering at all costs, sir!! (No one makes a finer cover than yours truly, sir!)

>I concur, tis' quilt is th' finest :-)

Simon Girty

[free endorsement]
Clean or Dirty, Katies Quilts 're th' best so says Mr. Girty!

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