Re: Smoke Signal to Shawnees --- Bargaining for Scalps

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Posted by S.Girty on April 20, 1999 at 14:06:18:

In Reply to: Re: Smoke Signal to Shawnees --- Bargaining for Scalps posted by Goat Foot on April 20, 1999 at 12:16:15:

: Brother Girty,

: We see the same beaver from different sides, and one calls it an otter and one calls it a cat. The land you speak of is hunted on by the Hurons as well as the Shawnees, and by the Delawares and by the Mohawks. And by the white hunters who leave their McChicken boxes and Slurpy cups hanging on the bushes so their presence is well noted. We say it is the land of all the Indians, and the Shawnees cannot have the canoe. As for the redheaded one, anyone who can catch her gets her! The British Customs bounty on her still stands from last Spring.

: Goat Foot

>Siyo Goat Foot,

Ah'm Afeerd that th' Shawnee presence in tis' region is stronger, 'n' they 'ave informed me that the Red-'ead 'n' th' ol' Crone tres'pessed into THAR' huntin' grounds [sorry, tis' is what they tell me]....

As fer' the Red-'ead, ya' must'a missed th' last council meetin' with yar' English Father when Ah' struck a deal a'fore all fer' th' Red-'eaded one [Ah'm in need of 'nother squaw 'n' tis' Red-'ead is fetchin' ta' th' eye]...

Y'all can take whatev'a skelps ya' come 'cross on th' wartrail [so long as they aint loyal subjects of th' crown, unlike them thar' pesky Colonials in Mohican Valley] 'n' Ah' knows where y'all can get sum' fine quilts of colour to keep y'all warm tis' winter as well ;-)

Ah' must warn ya', DO NOT tech' th' Red-ead's skelp if'n y'all catch 'er, ya' should know not ta' trifle with me, as a youth Ah' was adopted by th' Seneca 'n' given the name Katepacomen,
'n' Ah' 'ave thar' protection, as well as th' Shawnee 'n' Wyandot who've Ah've also allied with...

'N' as ya' know, Ah' act as an agent for yar' English Father, 'n' if'n Mah' words 're spurned, y'all will feel th' anger of th' English Father!

Ya' 'ave a choice, stand wit' us 'n' share in bur'eed treasure 'n' Colonial skelps, 'n' colorful quilts, or turn 'gainst us 'n' we all lose!

What say ya'?

Simon Girty
actin' Injun Agent fer'
th' Crown
adopted son of th' Seneca
blood brother to th'
Shawnee 'n' Wyandots

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