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Posted by MMMMarcia on May 20, 1999 at 10:21:34:

In Reply to: Pendants, Raffle Tickets, And Gathering posted by Elaine/Mohican Press on May 20, 1999 at 07:12:49:

Elaine wrote:
: Three weeks until the Gathering!!!!! It's definitely time to tie up those loose ends or send your reservations along ...

Yes, hurry!! The deadline for registration is May 25, remember...that's next TUESDAY. After that time, anyone who wishes to attend will have to make all their own arrangements, and will have to provide their own food all day Sunday.

: For those of you who have ordered a Contact Mask Pendant; Eric expects to have them all completed next week. It has taken him longer that he expected so he thanks all of you for your patience. Though smaller, they are in some ways more difficult to carve. Then there's the little matter of a thumb fillet ... Eric did a nice slice job while carving the pendants! You can now say he's bled for YOU!

Yikes! Talk about putting some of ones SELF into ones work!!

: Regarding the Adoption Mask Raffle; the deadline is fast approaching. We still have tickets available ...

This REALLY surprises me! I would have thought those tickets would have sold out in a week, given the amount of adoration for all things ES that's out there! What are you guys waiting for?

: Consider this, if you would; These masks are very, very special. Beautifully carved, original design, and inspired by very tragic personal experiences ... a VERY unique piece of art. It isn't something one can find elsewhere. It IS special! Nonetheless, the truth is that many of you who may want to own such a treasure can not afford it. The raffle offers a rare opportunity for everyone. For many, it is the only chance you'll EVER have to obtain an Eric Schweig Adoption Mask - a $3500 mask for the price of a raffle ticket!!!!

I'd say being able to own one of these masks for $50 is a remarkable opportunity! One that no fan of Eric or Native American art should miss out on!

: We plan on giving Eric a nice Thank You letter with the names of every contributor to the Raffle. If you DON'T want your name to appear, please let us know! Otherwise, it'll be there. Keeps this all more personal.

What a great idea...the winner will have something precious of Eric's to remember him by, and Eric will have something to remember every participant by. I like this plan a lot.

: Another point I'd like to make is the importance of a strong show of support. So many of you out there have expressed a desire to "support" Eric's endeavours, including his efforts as a carver. This is a perfect way to really do that.

Very true. As we all have learned, Eric has had his ups and downs in life, and has apparently worked very hard at turning his life around. His carving seems to be very important to him, and all of his fans surely want to support him in his quest to express himself in this way. Anyone who has looked at that adoption mask can plainly see the emotions that were transferred directly from his hands to his work. Owning a piece of that would be special, indeed, but even MORE special would be the opportunity to tell Eric that his past sufferings have touched others through his carving.

:Come on, encourage him! It really is a no lose proposition. How wonderful he'll feel to know that so many jumped at this chance to own one of his carved masks AND were willing to lend their support to his artistic efforts. Even unknown starving artists in Soho seek and receive such encouragement - surely, Eric Schweig
: deserves such a vote of confidence. He's given us much satisfaction in film, right? Hey, he gave us "Uncas" !!!!!!!!!! Think about it.

I agree, absolutely! Artists create their work for many personal and creative reasons, but they ALL wish to see their work appreciated and admired. Let's show Eric that we DO understand what his masks are saying to us, and we DO want to see him succeed at this relatively new endeavor. And in doing so, you'll not only be giving Eric encouragement, but you'll be giving yourself a real good chance to win a powerful work of art!

: One last thing; we have a very SPECIAL surprise in store. You REALLY REALLY might want to buy that raffle ticket soon! REALLY! Remember, there are two per household permitted. If you've thought about buying a second ticket - go for it!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...a surprise, eh?? Now what have you MP-folk come up with? Methinks come Gathering time, we will ALL want to know our name is in the "pot" for a mask...REALLY, REALLY, to quote Elaine!

Don't just THINK about it...DO it! You won't be sorry, or my name's not Mighty Mohican Mama Marcia!


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