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Posted by B. E. Orgeron on June 10, 1999 at 20:07:39:

In Reply to: Miscellaneous Junk posted by Tom on June 10, 1999 at 08:40:57:

I must say that you sir are a very ignorant ass. Unlike Mr. E. S. Coleman I don't thank you have read so much as 1% of the documented proof concerning Black Confederates. It is also obvious that you know nothing about the Confederacy at all. There is NO documented proof to show that the Confederate Government was formed in order to perpetuate slavery, or that they fought a war for slavery! But the truth for a Liberay NAZI sucm such as yourself is to painful to handle!

Speaking of NAZIs you better take a closer look at history before you judge. Alan Nolan is nothing but a liberal scum who gives NO proof for such an act. The fact is that the A.N.V. NEVER enslaved any free blacks from any state! And were under strict orders not to harm the civilians!

The real army that can be compaired to the NAZIs are the Yankee army. IT is documented that well over 2/3rds of all blacks were forced into the union army to be used as cannon foder, and their women as prostitutes for the Yankee scum. Not only was this done, but a large number of blacks were deliberately murdered by the Union army. To show that what I am saying is true I give you the words of Dr. George Hill a none combatant who lived in St. Mary parish Louisiana.

In the summer of 1863 the Confederate army pushed the Yankees out of St. Mary parish, and this is what they found. . .

"In the summer of 1863, Berwick's Bay and a portion of the Lafourche country were taken possession of by the Confederate Army. I, with many others who had lost property by the raid which the Federal army made between the 20th of April & the 20th of May of this year (1863), visited the Bay for the purpose of recovering our property. I was among the first to cross the bay; and having been informed on the night of my arrival by a gentleman named March that several of my lost Negroes were at the sugar house of Dr. Sanders, and that others were there in a dying condition, I, in the morning as soon as sugar house of Dr. S. and entered it by a door in the west end.

The scene which then and there presented itself can never be effaced from my memory. On the right hand female corpses in a state of nudity, and also in a far advanced stage of decomposition. Many others were lying all over the floor, many speechless and in a dying condition.

All appeared to have died of the same disease: bloody flux. The floor was slippery with blood, mucus and feces. The dying, and all those unable to help themselves, were lying with their scanty garments rolled around their heads and breasts - the lower part of the body naked - and every time an involuntary discharge of blood and feces, combined with air, would pass, making a slight noise, clouds of flies, such as I never saw before, would immediately rise and settle down again in all the exposed parts of the dying. In passing through the house a cold chill shook my frame, from which I did not recover for several months, and, indeed, it came near costing my life.

As I passed from the house I met with a Negro man of my own, who informed me that he had lost his wife and two children. I asked him if his friends - the Yankees - had not furnished him with medicine. He said, 'No, and if they had, I would not have given it to my family as all who took their medicine died in twelve hours from the time of its being given.'"

This letter was shown to Dr. Sanders (a State Senater)the owner of the sugar house, and he stated that Dr. Hill did not give all the details. That infact it was more of a horror than stated above. Dr. Sanders also states that many of the dead were intered by him & his men before Hill got there.

There are well over 1,000 letters from former blacks telling of the gallant Yankee Army poisoning many slaves. As I write this several people from a local collage are finding proof to back up the words of Dr. Hill, and these poor people who suffered at the hands of your great Yankee friends!

No where will you ever find an account of a NAZI style concentration camp being done by the Confederate Army, but one can find thousnads of letters, & reports of blacks & whites being murdered by the Yankee scum!! Even entire towns being whipped clean from the face of the earth by Lincoln's great army!

So I say Glory, Glory, Hallelujah to an ass hole such as you, and you murdering Yankee Army!

: Yes, I have heard all these stories about the wonderful racial diversity of the Confederate army. Excuse me if I believe that these stories are much ado about nothing. An attempt by Southern apologists to excuse the Confederacy for fighting for slavery. The Union army had a 180,000 African Americans under arms by the end of the war. Most of these men were Southern blacks who knew well enough which side was fighting for their purpose. In comparison were a paltry few thousand black Confederates and that pretty much makes a mockery of comparing opportunies for blacks in the two armies. No, I do not believe that Union army's ranks were stocked with abolitionists. Few Northerners had any particular love for black people; but most came to recognize a curse on the land and their own futures when they saw one.

: As for the possibility for an African American historian to see some comparisons between the ANV and the Waffen SS. Well, it is very well documented that Lee's army on its march up North in the summer of 1863 were seizing free African Americans, shackling them togther and selling them into slavery down South. (Lee Considered by Alan Nolan is one source that mentions this black mark on ANV's record) I wonder how this "black" soldier in Stonewall Jim's brigade felt about these actions? Also lets not forget the actions of Confederate forces in the Crater in 1864 where they murdered black soldiers trying to surrender. Now a white Southern might choose to dismiss these ugly episodes as "pc revivisionism" or jump to point out similar atrocities committed by Union forces. Yet I can see how an African American historian, a descendent of slaves, could see comparisons between the ANV and another superb fighting force with a black record.

: "Revolution"- is bad history. "We wuz bringin our furs down da rivah. Nu Yawk wuz goin wild." I think that pretty much sums up this silly film. How about those fag British officers? The "hunt" with Al Pacino as the fox. The ridiculous Yorktown scenes with those Indians and cliffs. The story of two star crossed lovers over the turmoil of war which is the subject of this dark and depressing movie not the Revolution. Everyone mumbling away so you can't understand a word. And the Vietnam like ending with the cheated vets!

: Historical researchers and consultants guarantee a movie that stays true to the historical facts? When? Where? I seem to recall I have thrown a challenge out to anyone who can show me a movie that stayed true to the historical facts without fictional characters, storylines or fudging characters or facts. I say there is no such animal because movies are made to entertain and not inform. Movies are not obligated to list a bibliography or contain extensive notes in their credits. What kind of consultants? It brings back my point from yesterday- what if Prof. Allen Ballard, the black historian I mentioned, was the historical consultant on "Gettysburg" and not famed reenactor Brian Pohanka. I believe "Gettysburg" would definetly have been a different movie yet would it have been more historically inaccurate?

: I think the best answer I have ever heard on the subject of movies as history was given by Tom Hanks last year when he was discussing "Saving Private Ryan" for the History Channel. Hanks was asked on whether SPR was history or Hollywood? Hanks responded that it was Hollywood since it is impossible to honestly fit true history into a conventional three act storyline. Yet Hanks went onto say that there is a scale in which films can be judged by their truthfulness to the historical record with some films scoring high, others in the middle, and others at the low end. Hanks felt SPR scored pretty high on that scale; but overall it is still Hollywood.

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