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Posted by Trooper Price on June 10, 1999 at 20:38:37:

In Reply to: Re: Miscellaneous Junk posted by Tom on June 10, 1999 at 16:14:06:

: :"It's pure fantasy," contends James McPherson, a Princeton historian and one of the nation's leading Civil War scholars. Adds Edwin Bearss, historian emeritus at the National Park Service:

Interesting, I read where Edwin Bearss recanted on that quote, to one I read which said in essence that the existance of Black Confederates is a "cover-up"

"It's b.s., wishful thinking." Robert Krick, author of 10 books on the Confederacy, has studied the records of 150,000 Southern soldiers and found fewer than a dozen were black. "Of course, if I documented 12, someone would start adding zeros," he says.":

Ervin Jordan author of Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia in Chapter 11 of his text remarked an all-black CSA regiment that was involved in two days of fighting at the battle of Petersburg.

The Journal of Negro History in an article called, "People of Color in Louisiana" states the only official all black CSA regiment was the Louisiana Native Guard, CSA before they became a US regiment. The Louisiana Native Guard, CSA stood 1400 free blacks strong. But, of course you would say that they don't count because they never saw action and in reality they wanted to fight for the Union. More interesting is a piece of information I found on the net about the Native Guard which gave some interesting facts about the number of black officers in the Native Guard, US who lost their commissions due to prejudice and other factors.

Try reading "The Confederate Negro" by James Brewer, an examination of the role of free and slave Blacks in Va. in support CSA roles such as laborer, hospital orderly, cook, teamster, etc.. Brewer provides even more numbers that suggest more than a paultry few or a few dozen. But of course, you would say that they don't count either because they weren't on the front lines fighting. But then you sir, the military expert that you are should know an army doesn't consist solely of fighting men. It's the support troops that carry an army.

: Ok, I checked out your site. Interesting. Then it did not take me long to find a site dedicated to refuting the myth of large numbers of blacks serving as soldiers in the Confederate Army.

Oh yes, good ole Crawfish's site. Apparently, you are not a very good scholar to be taken in by one site on the net. Try reading more than one book, visiting more than one site and then cast your opinion.

And nothing was more damning to that myth, at least to me, than the above quotation from an article written by Tony Horowitz for the "The Wall Street Journal." (5/8/97)

One book and one author does not give the whole story. Read..dig..assimilate.

: I think I am going to have to take the PC revisionist drivel of McPherson, Bearss, and Krick over the pseudo internet history written by the amateurs of the 34th Texas Cavalry.

The "pseudo internet history" found and extracted verbatim by the 37th is in some ways far better than the PC drivel you adhere to. Because the PC drivel is appealing to a large audience that doesn't take the time go beyond what McPherson, Bearss and Krick have said and written. You must dig deeper. Go to the library, to the microfilm sections, go down South and talk to Southern Blacks in rural areas of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia and such whom the discussion of Blacks fought and served the CSA is nothing new to them because they know of ancestors who participated with the CSA for various reasons.

One other thing, stop looking through 1990 eyes at a period of history that we don't know everything about.

The true object of history is to look at motivations of people and societies without casting moral judgements.

You nor I could never truly fathom why a southern black would fight or serve the CSA. The only thing to do is to dig up the facts as they are and reflect.

If cannot do that, it is not worth the cybespace to banty about with you.

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