Gathering '99

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Posted by Soldier #2 or Mother Duck on June 16, 1999 at 21:03:56:

Well......It rained today. I kinda got some rest finally. Didn't have to go to Dupont today. You people wore me out!!! hahahaha (Sharon said it's true). I am still tired but I am improving. I need to eat my wheaties more often before gatherings. I don't know if you heard me or not but I came through CRP Monday morning and came by Chimney Rock Inn blowing on the horn. Caitin and Jeff, I think may have still been in bed. Shame Shame. Then to the bunkhouse where only a few were left. MMMM was fussing at Adriene about where to put all the stuff now that some mask she found just had to go back to Fla. with them. BTW the inmates think you all are way out there. They told me I fit right in with ya'uns. Monday I was so tired I was numb. Had trouble getting to sleep Monday Night. Tuesday back to Dupont and had to stop on the way back and take a power nap just to get us home. Very wonderful to have met everyone, to see familiar faces and new ones. Thank you so much for all your comments. Really it was nothing. I was just happy to have been there to show you new experiences. Having grown up here I take a lot it for granted. Rompping through the mountains it is everyday part of my life. Tho, I have to admit explaining it to 56 people is different than explaination it to 8 inmates or 6 kids. But fun all the same. I can't wait till next year. Sharon and I will have pictures asap and will share with all of you. Have an idea for next year if anyone is in to this sort of thing. The house I am working on at Dupont will be a bunkhouse. It will house 18 poeple. I am in the works now of changing it over. Adding handicap bathrooms, Male and Female, A ramp and a Bar-b-que grill and dinning cover 12' by 24'. The idea is maybe on one night staying there and for those of us who want to we can camp out and for those of us who don't care for that sort of thing can stay in the bunkhouse. There is another house next to it that more people can stay in if needed. What I am thinking is that we can have the day for hiking the falls (Hopefully) and then party at camp that night. It is only 2 mins from the falls. Think about it. Maybe see Hooker falls in the evening and watch the sun go down, then, dance around the camp fire, marshmellows, smores, hotdogs and even a ghost story or two. See, I am already planning for next year. I love it!!! And I have a song for the Jo and her sisters "I'll never grow up. I'm a toys-R-us kid....."

Well I have to go now. Got to get some sleep and head for the hills in hte morning. Next 6 months, I will be doing this. 1,000 miles a week. yuck!!! smile Sharon says HI and _\../

Caitin: You have found you a great fellow there. We just need to get him outfited for next year.

Patty: Thanks for the warm hugs but you missed out on the hugging party.

Sarah M.: You just keep on thinking and it will just keep on going over my head.

Karen, Mary, Kathie, Jo: Never grow up! We love you just the way you are.

Mark Z.: Keep on watching Norm. Maybe one day I too will have my own show. HA! Take care of Sarah.

Sarah Z.: This has got to be the sweetist person I met. Take care of Mark.

Lynn, Len, Glenn, Gwen, Dave and Darla: What can I say if ya'uns find a seventh, ya'uns have to get Snow White. The seventh would have to be Grumpy cause ya'll are waaaaaaayy to nice.

Kate: What a Scotish lassie. BTW what were the colors again? Think...Kelt for Eric....Kelt for Eric.... hahaha

Jenifer: Thanks for being there for Sharon and MMMM. Your the best!

Ilse: You Trader!!! Dutch Trader that is. Wild!!!!!

Cecelia & Diana: The party animals!!!!

Donna: If you ever need a hiking partener. You have to take her with you. Laugh till you drop.

Woody & Claudia: The speed demons who care.

Jack & Stacia: Boy do feel sorry for Jack, but wish I was 13 again.

Collin & Ayesha: No doult about it they get the smile award. Don't ever change.

MMMM: Momma......oh oh oh..... Get on that bike cause we're going again next year. And you never know....When you least expect it. DING

Linda, John E., & Kelli: What a family. Smiles, Information and if I didn't know better I would say that Kelli's dream came true.

Penny & Alma: A mentor for all Mothers and Daughters.

Gayle: I still have my Bee. And I know the ballad now. haha

Emily & Kevin: A mentor for all married couples. Come early next year and lets do some rappelling.

Eric S.: 8 years and you still have all your hair. They melt at your sight. You lucky devil. Next year?

Adrienne: Everyone else is saying "You lucky devil" Please bring the children again.

Nicholas: I wish you were one of my sons. The things I could teach you about the outdoors. And I can see you want to learn. Next year, I want to see you tell Sharon about the year you have had. In sign!

John H.: Dependable, knowledgeable, caring. Your girlfriend must feel lucky.

Susan: I want to see Killdeer Agnes style.

Ann: You've been on the Price-is-right. I can tell. smile

Cherri & Don: You guys were waaaaaayyy too quiet for this bunch. We'll have to work on you two for next year.

Rich and Elaine: Never let it end..NEVER... and Rich, watch how you kiss Elaine.

Sharon: What is left to say but 143 143 143 143.

On other note, I would like to thank each and everyone of ya'uns for your heartfelt words during the this past month. It is hard to cope from time to time. I can only hope that everyone has a person in their lives that ment as much to me as my father did. Please forgive me for the time I needed alone on Table Rock. As Chingotugook (SP) I too needed to say goodbye.

Remember the times, remember the friendship, best of all rememeber the caring people and how they help you. For in the coming year we all will be faced with times that we need to think of others. Whether it be on the board, on the road home, at work or at home, Remember to care and be there for others in time of need or just to be there. Till next year, "I will find you, no matter what it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.

See ya'uns

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