Re: A Quilted Reply & A Sassy Report

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Posted by Sassy Soothsayer on June 21, 1999 at 19:03:38:

In Reply to: Re: But REBECCA.............Same boat! A Quilted Reply posted by Kate on June 21, 1999 at 18:09:55:

Boy, Sassy's on a roll, tonight!! Heheeeee! I was feelin' kinda bad after flying my purple carpet back from the mountains...gonna miss those lovely blue ridges, doncha know...when I stopped by the board for a bit. Lucky I did. Finding out just how much trouble I caused over the Inuit Star quilt has just MADE MY DAY! Sassy LOVES to get folks fussin' around here and there, by golly! Ain't Miss Kate lucky I didn't call that there quilt the Inuit Trapezoid!!???!!

Speaking of odd shapes...I dropped Miss Marcia off at her downhome kitchen directly after we returned from our trip. Just checked up on her a little while ago, and she's still moping around, suffering from Post-Gathering Blues, scarfing up platters of fuu-uuuudge all by her lonesome lone, and washing 'em down with gallons of mint julep. My, that woman DOES know how to "do" up misery right, don't she?

As for Miss Paddletale, who had hitched a ride with us, she never stopped squawking and quacking and quarking during the entire 5 days we were zooming around up there. Geez, Lew-steenking-weeze, what a racket that bird can make. It got so bad, some of those backwoods Tarheels up there were takin' potshots at us as we flew a few new ventilation holes in the back of Ol' Purple that warn't made by no MOTHS, I can tell ye! Finally, me and Miss Marcia couldn't take no more, so we did a quick loop-de-loop over Lake Lure, and shoved her feathered behind right off! Last I saw, she was splashin' and squawkin' and floppin' around in the water like an idjit, hollerin' that she was drownin' and we'd better come back & pull her out. Guess she plumb forgot she's a DUCK!!! *snort* She'll come waddlin' on back to Mohicanland any day now with who knows what new tale to tell!

Sassy Soothsayer, Here...
Over and Out!
Motto: Still Sassy After All These Years!

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