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Posted by Doctor M on July 15, 1999 at 14:59:43:

In Reply to: Re: Great News!! posted by Cora on July 15, 1999 at 13:59:10:

: Well, well, well. If it ain't the Murderous Mary! What brings you around, Doc? Run out of bungee VICTIMS, have we?

: Just thought you'd like to know that you were TOTALLY unsuccessful in your cheap little assassination attempt. (Though your pathetic diversion tactic did work AND I was left semi- splattered for days and days - thanks to you.)

: " Normally Doctor Mary would
: : not reveal the contents of said envelope, but what the hey.
: : We're all friends here, right?"

: Wrong, sis.

: ": Scene I: The Huron Camp

: : Uncas watches Alice being hauled away by Magua. He
: : turns to his father and says, "Uhhhh...WHERE did you
: : say those Delaware-speaking women were, Pop?"

: That two-timing, molluscoid Mohican! Say nothing to Alice!!!!

: ": Scene II: The Cliff Trail

: As Cora stands on the trail waiting her beloved's
: return, a mysterious, incredibly beautiful woman
: in a pink bunny outfit and carrying a doctor's bag bumps into her from behind, causing her to fall screaming to her death. The woman is heard to mutter "Watch that first step!" before turning away, cackling softly."

: Ha! You misrepresent what you saw. I do not live my life by your leave AND I did NOT fall to my death!!!!
: (Though I do admit I might have screamed ... a bit.) As for that bunny get-up; you really ought to seek some advice in the fashion department. Hawk ain't Harvey you know.

: ": Scene III: More Cliff Trail

: Hearing Cora screaming on the way down, Hawkeye
: comes running up the trail, trips over the rubber
: rock and hits his head, causing him to suffer
: amnesia."

: You wench, you!

: "When he wakes up he finds himself handcuffed to a chair wearing nothing but a teeny weeny loincloth that seems to have shrunk terribly since the last time he wore it. Perhaps it was not washed in Woolite."

: AGHHH! You will sink to the lowest, most base behavior to have your way! The least you could do is uncuff the poor super-hero!

: "Before him stands the same mysterious, incredibly
: beautiful woman, feeding him various items from her
: refrigerator and running ice cubes all over his
: body. "Different movie, Big Guy," she whispers
: throatily. "Now you're starring in 'Last of the
: Nine 1/2 Weeks!'"

: Yukk. Did I mention that I'll be starring in a new flick too?
: It's called "I Know What You Did last Summer."

: Currently Conscious Cora

Dear Currently Creepy Cora:

I think you mean that grainy 16MM job that I run on Saturday
nights at the Mohicanland Home for the Incredibly Senile
called "I Know What I Did Five Minutes Ago Because I Wrote
It On A Post-It Note!" It's Mr. Bill's favorite, since he's
your biggest (and regrettably ONLY) fan. And you are TOO just don't know it. Like Patrick Swayze in "Ghost"!
Don't worry about your ex-boyfriend, toots. Under my tender
ministrations he'll get over in about one

Big Huggies!

Doctor M

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