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Posted by Jo on July 22, 1999 at 09:38:04:

In Reply to: Re: Am I The Only One... posted by MMMMarcia on July 21, 1999 at 17:49:06:

: Champ wrote:

: : I have to agree with alot of what you've said.

: : That is the other thing thats kept me away from Mohicanland as of late, is this senseless tragedy.

: >>Yes, it's a little hard to be flippant with so many people grieving. I start to get back "into" things, and then I stop and go see what's new in the search & recovery.

: : I too am near JFK Jr's age, and though I maynot have agreed with all of Teddy's (etc) politics, this tragedy has hit me hard, as only a couple such nat'l or international tragedies ever have (one that comes to mind is the Space shuttle Challenger, though because my cousin Dick Scobee was its commander, that is understandable -- the other was Princess Di).

: >>There is something about a "national tragedy" that completely rivets one's attention. Sometimes it is the strange realization that so many people all over the world are thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions simultaneously. Something that could not have happened in our world only a (relatively) few decades ago, when it took so long for news to travel from one part of the globe to another. I can almost picture other people all over the world stopping in front of the tv at the same time I do, saying, "Turn that up...something's happened!"

: >>In the case of the Challenger, I was really impacted by that just because it was completely visible from my front yard. It happened, as you must recall, on a very clear day, and that horrifying split plume of smoke hung in the sky for what seemed like forever. While all Americans must feel they lost special people that day, your relationship with Dick Scobee must have made it particularly sad for you.

: : I'm starting to ramble, so I'll close, but let me say I'm thankful that the bodies were found, even in our "high-tech" age, the sea so often does not give up her, perhaps, Caroline & the rest can have closure.

: : My prayers are with that whole family, but in paticular her.

: >>Yes, I felt relieved this evening, too, when they finally announced that they had found all three. I'm so glad, for all the obvious reasons.

: MMMMarcia


It was very relieving to read your (and others) posts; haven't posted in a bit because of the recent happenings....
When I was in 8th grade, my mom pulled me out of school for the morning (and my sister Kathie - I think she left Mary and Karen at school....I think I would have remembered if Mary/or Karen came along....) - the ONLY time my mom did this in 12 years of school - to see President John F. Kennedy travel through Downtown Oakland in a motorcade. Don't know why he was even in Oakland....but we were accompanied by our adopted "Aunts" - my mom had a habit of adopting all of the senior people in our neighborhood to include in all of our family activities..we had a lot of "Aunties" - these two were from Ireland and of course they brought along Irish flags and great lungs to yell and carry on when Mr. Kennedy was driven by. And like Marcia's experience; Mr. Kennedy turned his whole body around and waved just at US! To a jaded, know it all 13 year old, I was very impressed and moved. Will never forget it.
Fast forward to my senior year in high school, Robert Kennedy is running for President. Of all the high schools, his brother Edward (ignoring his other shortcomings...) arrives at our "flatlander" Catholic high school in Oakland, not the "other" hillside Catholic or any other private or public high give us an incredible speech about his brother Robert. We couldn't vote; but our parents could; it was a great political move; and he was extremely charistmatic....don't know if he went to any other high schools in San Francisco...the obvious place to go...
The next day we walked over a block or two to see Robert Kennedy in a motorcade - Rosy holding on to him so he wouldn't fall out of the car for all of his hand holding and waving and what not! What a thrill... Of course, the next day he was in LA and his death was at the same time as my Senior graduation which became part of those memories....
And now we have John Jr.'s very untimely death at such a young age which brings on all of MY other memories of past things; but now, as a parent, it is more heartbreaking to think of losing any of my children; much less two; or losing any of my siblings; my heart goes out to the Bessettes and to Caroline; I can not imagine the pain they must feel; or any family who has lost members.

Thank you for reading my ramblings; life is fragile.


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